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Shove Off

If I die young, it’s your fault,” Molly grunted as she tested the bungee contraption around her ankles.

Olivia’s laugh echoed off the surrounding rocks. “You were born old and you just keep getting older and older with each passing year. You can afford to scare a few years off your life.” She gave her friend a playful shove; Molly flapped her arms to recover her balance. She gasped. Her vision tunneled as she stared down at the creek below her.

“What the hell, Olivia!” Molly’s heart abruptly stilled, then slammed back into rhythm.

“Alright girls, that’s enough.” The instructor bent to make sure Molly’s equipment was safely secure. “Let’s do this. Ready?”

“No,” Molly groaned.

“Yes!” Olivia yelled.

“On the count of three,” the instructor said. “One … two …”

“I slept with your boyfriend,” Olivia whispered into her ear and shoved her off the platform.

Molly’s shrill screams startled the wildlife below.





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My Newest Time Suck Confession

(Not my photo. What. Are you kidding me?? I WISH. Click on photo for credit).

Random confession – Being able to instantly stream NetFlix movies / TV series at home any time I want and for as long as I want is seriously killing me.

Okay, not killing me, but it’s killing my time management. (Who are we kidding – I never had time management skills. But for the sake of this random thought, we’ll all say I did). At least with DVD’s, I was able to control how much TV watching I did. I watch a movie – movie is over – time to go do something else.

But with instant streaming – THE TV WATCHING NEVER ENDS, YA’LL!

I have seriously watched more TV in these past few weeks than I have in the past few YEARS. I’m even turning my computer off at 6:00 p.m. … SIX IN THE EVENING, YA’LL, so that I can curl up on our comfy couch and watch episode after episode of “Drop Dead Diva,” the ENTIRE SERIES of “Cashmere Mafia,” (which, there was only one season, and then there was only like seven or eight episodes in that one season, BUT STILL), “Lie to Me,” “Damages,” and now I’m putting all of “Grey’s Anatomy” (I’m like on season 5, I think) and “Army Wives,” (which I’m TOTALLY addicted to) in our instant queue as well.

I haven’t been online. (Which is a plus). I haven’t been reading. (Which is not a plus). I’ve been zoning out in front of the TV.

At least I haven’t picked up the habit of munching on junk food as I watch TV.


The biggest reason I don’t watch regular TV is because of the commercials. Hence the reason I’m woefully behind on all of the shows that people are talking about, or TALKED (past tense) about. Now that the time-sucking, evil commercials have been removed from the equation … I don’t have an excuse NOT to do some major catching up.

So, ONCE AGAIN, I have to discipline myself on yet ANOTHER time suck.

AAARGh, it never ends, does it?!?!

I’m so disgusted with myself – I’ve become a … a … there’s no tactful way of saying it so I’ll just blurt it out … A COUCH POTATO!


Make me feel better, Internet. What is your latest time suck?