I Love My Country

Ignore the hair.

I know. TOTALLY lame.

But whatever.

I do.

And if our proudly displaying the American Flag offends you?

You have three options:

1. Don’t look.

2. Get over it.

3. Move.

Hey. I’m an American and I’m proud of that fact. I’m sick and tired of people kowtowing to political correctness.

Americans are awesome.

Deal with it.

(This snarky moment was brought to you by: a good old-fashioned dose of patriotism spurred on by Memorial Day and the upcoming 4th of July celebration. Oh my gosh, guys, it’ll be the 4th of July in just FIVE weeks?!? What the …)


Pergola Wrap-Up

So how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Kevin and I (and when I say Kevin and ME, I’m really saying Kevin) worked on the pergola. I painted all of the smaller boards and my handyman husband worked his tail end off and put it all together.

I’m thinking it’s looking pretty good! It offers a bit more shade with those extra strips of wood, but we’re thinking about buying a pergola shade (it fits under the pergola and it’s retractable – you can pull it out for shade, or roll it up to let the sun in).

The problem is? They’re freaking expensive! As in, think $5,000 expensive!!

I KNOW! I nearly had a heart attack when Kevin told me. So, um, we may not be buying a retractable pergola shade after all because DUDE, we could buy Jazz a NICE used car for that amount.

That’s crazy.

At any rate, the thing is done and Kevin couldn’t be more relieved. He’s pretty sick of this project and I can’t say I blame the man. Now we’re on the hunt for some patio furniture, which so far doesn’t look like it’s going to be cheap, either.

What is up with the overly-priced patio furniture and accessories? We’ll sit on lawn chairs before I fork over $400 FOR ONE CHAIR.

Did I mention that’s crazy?

I had a gal comment on Twitter about how she was enjoying my updates on the pergola. Though Kevin is extremely clever, he actually learned how to build one from YouTube. Well, and his dad. They built their pergola a few years back so he was able to give him some advice, but Kevin also watched some YouTube videos as well and … you know, isn’t this the coolest time we live in? I mean, in the past, you would have to go to the library (*gasp* walk away from the computer? The HORROR) and look up this information, but now you can simply go to YouTube and find virtually any how-to video on virtually anything.

This Internet thing is so cool, yeah? (I know. I’m like 100 apparently).

Anyway – our pergola is done. (‘Cept I have to paint the bases but *pfft* details, details).

Pergola - 5-30-11

I made a silly little video. Please excuse our roughness. The day was hot, the wind was blowing and my eyes were watering all day, hence the “did you just smoke crack” look you see.

I also had my hair trimmed up over this weekend and I have pixie bangs. *sigh* Yeah. Not sexy. But hey, at least my hair grows really fast and it’s summer, and it’s cooler than having long hair on my neck and I’m done with the excuses.

Thanks for bearing with us. I’m sure you’re just as glad as we are that this dang project is done.

Don’t answer that.

(P.S. I had never even heard of the word “pergola” before this project. So I learned something new. At my age. Go figure).