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Guess Who Earned His School Letter Today?


Apparently, it’s unusual for Sophomores to earn their letters. At least, this is what Jazz said his band director told him. But leave it up to Jazz to do it. He has always enjoyed earning points to get stuff. lol

I really need to make this boy a scrapbook. He’s earning so many cool things, we need to put something together and show off his accomplishments.


I noticed something weird with Jazz’s mouth in this picture:

I don’t recognize this particular piece of hardware. Actually, I initially thought he had food stuck in his teeth and was going to photoshop it out, but when I zoomed in, I saw it was part of his braces. (In fact, it’s pathetic that I’m just now noticing this, actually. His last dentist appointment was weeks ago. Bad mommy!)

I don’t think Dude had this put on his front teeth. I wonder if Jazz had to have it to push his teeth back. He had a little bit of an overbite (which was one of the reasons we decided to put braces on him) and I’m betting this piece of hardware is supposed to correct that. I’ll have to ask his orthodontist when we see him in a few weeks.


Spring Concert – Songs Two and Three

I’d like to apologize for the crotch shot. Kevin took this video and he was trying to zoom in on Jazz’s feet, NOT the girl’s lady parts. He was trying to be artsy-fartsy and came off instead as a dirty old man. HA!

I think I’ll be taking over videographer duties next time.

Also. The last song. I got frustrated with Kevin because Jazz played a lot of saxophone parts and he wouldn’t zoom in. GRR. And. Jazz said the kids were nervous on this song for some reason so they played quieter than they were supposed to – hence the reason you see the band director gesturing for them to play louder.

And yes. The band director only has one arm. He lost it in a farming accident when he was eight. But he’s incredible and the kids love him.

And may I just rant for a second? (Tune out if you’re not in the mood).

Several of the girls at this concert came in wearing skirts so short that I was seriously (no, I mean SERIOUSLY) concerned that they would end up displaying their goods for the entire audience to view when they sat down.

I understand it seems like the height of fashion and that they think they’re sexy, but if you’re a parent of a young woman (high school age) that is allowing her daughter to show up at school wearing a skirt so short that all it would take was the lifting of one arm to cover a sneeze to flash the world a shot of her underwear, then shame on you.

That’s right! I said it! SHAME ON YOU! I hate to judge, but I’m going to judge for a moment. It’s inappropriate! And crass! And uncomfortable! And disturbing. Women balk and bitch about how men only see them as sex objects and say things like “why don’t they see me as a PERSON” only to see them advertising their wares in front of a group of hormonal young men … I mean, DUH. What are they supposed to think?

I asked my young men what they thought of young ladies that wore clothing like that.

“Sluts.” Was their immediate response.

Do you really want your daughters thought of in that way? Because I assure you, not only do other girls think this, but so do the guys.

I don’t care how much they groan, complain, whine, cry. “But MOM, it’s the FASHION. All my friends are wearing the same thing!” It’s called NO. It’s called putting your foot down and being the responsible adult in the situation. These girls wouldn’t be wearing these mini-skirts if parents weren’t buying them for them.

Sorry. I don’t mean to go off in left field, but this stuff really bothers me. Women have come such a long way throughout history – WHY must we insist on resorting to sex appeal in order be noticed? To me, that just screams INSECURE. A confident, well-rounded young lady doesn’t NEED to put her body on display for the world to see – the world automatically sees her because of the way she acts and holds herself.

Anyway. My two cents.

ADDED: Interesting. This very issue is being debated here. If women over 18 want to dress in a provocative manner – go for it. Just realize, that by doing so, dressing that way may be perceived, whether rightly, or wrongly, as loose, easy prey and wanting unwanted sexual advances. Once again, it all boils down to personal responsibility. And may I just ask, what happened to being perceived as classy?

But girls under 18? There’s never a good reason to dress provocatively. Ever. Let them be girls, please.