Friday Fun

Aloha Friday: Back-to-School

Aloha! Kailani is the brain-child behind this fun Friday meme. If you feel inclined to answer my question, please post your answer in the comment section. Sound fun? Of course it does! Want to answer more questions? Hop over to An Island Life and play along!

(Please feel free to answer the question below, even if you’re not playing Aloha Friday!)

My question:

Will you ever go back to school? Why or why not?

Is college a ripoff? I’ve written about this subject before and wow, I just don’t know. I suppose it depends on the person and what his/her personal goals are.

For me, I definitely plan on going back to college to earn my Master’s degree in writing. Since I plan on paying for it as I go, as opposed to taking out loans, it’ll be slow going and I won’t be able to start until our current financial situation evens out a bit. (Gotta love this economic “recovery,” right?) I personally love learning and I have to reiterate that old saying, “knowledge is power.”

Because it is. It truly is.

Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

Did you guys see these cute cards on Family Fun?

Well, let me tell ya …

I love this first one. So cute. And how many moms love tea?? This would be a great chance for mom to try that new tea she’s been wanting to try. (There are always new teas to try. Am I right?)

A Spot of Tea

With its soothing, tucked-in treat, this greeting is brimming with thoughtfulness.


* 8½- by 11-inch sheet of card stock
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Tape
* String
* Stapler
* Glue
* Tea bag
* Printable template


1. Fold an 8½- by 11-inch sheet of card stock in half widthwise. Draw a teacup along the bottom (download our template) with the handle touching the fold (right). Cut out the cup, leaving the fold at the handle uncut.
2. Open the cup. Add a tag by taping a 2-inch piece of string to the left half of the card. Write a message on a small piece of card stock, then staple it to the other end of the string.
3. To form a pocket for the tea bag, trace the cup on the remaining card stock and cut out the shape. Glue the bottom and sides of this cup to the inside of the card (right). Add your message.
4. When the glue is dry, tuck a tea bag in the pocket.

Flower Power

This fold-open bouquet card is a standout for almost any occasion.


* Card stock (assorted colors)
* Decorative Scissors
* Glue
* Stapler (optional)
* Envelopes


1. To make the base, fold and cut an 8½- by 11-inch sheet of card stock in half lengthwise (we used decorative scissors for our scalloped look).
2. On a short end of one strip, fold over a ½-inch tab. Fold the resulting rectangle in half widthwise, then fold it in half again. Unfold the card stock. Glue the tab to the opposite end of the rectangle, forming a box.
3. Make the center flower support by cutting a 3¼-inch-wide section from the other strip of card stock. Fold a ¼-inch tab on each long end, as shown.
4. Cut flower centers, petals, stems, and leaves from card stock, trimming the stems to fit inside your envelope. Glue the flower parts together. Glue or staple the stems to the back of the support, placing them on either side of the center line so that the card will easily fold in half later.
5. Glue the support’s flaps inside the center of the box. Write a message on a colorful piece of card stock, then glue it onto the panel. (If you prefer to write message directly on the panel, do so after you unfold the card stock in step 2.)
6. When the glue is dry, flatten the box along two of its creases.
7. Fold it in half along the remaining crease and insert it into an envelope.

Purse-onal Greetings

This fancy, one-of-a-kind handbag holds just what Mom needs this Mother’s Day or any day: a message of love and a new bag.

Need a great gift that Mom will love? We’ve got it in the bag. This fancy, one-of-a-kind handbag holds just what Mom needs this Mother’s Day: a message of love.


* 8 1/2- by 11-inch piece of heavy paper or card stock
* Acrylic paints (optional)
* Ink pads (optional)


1. To make one, first decorate both sides of an 8 1/2- by 11-inch piece of heavy paper or card stock–one side for the outside of the purse, the other for the lining. We used acrylic paints to make fashionably bold stripes on the outside and stamped geometric shapes with light-colored ink pads and small stamps on the inside. Allow the paints and inks to dry completely.
2. With the liner print faceup, fold up the bottom 4 inches of the paper, then draw a purse body shape on the doubled portion and a handle on the remaining single layer of paper.
3. Cut out the shape, then cut along the arc just below the handle (leave the bottom intact) to form the purse’s closure flap.
4. Use tacky glue to attach plastic jewels to the handle, as well as a single jewel to the flap for a latch.
5. Allow the glue to dry, then write Mom a Mother’s Day message on the purse’s liner before folding the card closed.

Love Note Flip-book

Mom: Here’s a gift that serves as a lasting reminder of your family’s affection: a flippable compilation of inspirations and love notes personalized for you.

Kids: Binder rings make it easy to turn messages, drawings, favorite memories, or quotes into a homemade tribute to Mom.


Colored 3- by 5-inch index cards
Hole punch
Card stock
Small metal binder rings


1. Fill a number of colored 3- by 5-inch index cards with poems, drawings, and heartfelt messages. Use a hole punch to make 2 holes at the top of each card, making sure the holes in all the cards line up.
2. To prepare a stand (above, right), cut a piece of colorful card stock into a 5- by 10-inch rectangle, then fold the rectangle in half widthwise. Punch 2 holes just below the fold, using one of your punched index cards as a guide. Fold each end of the card stock 2 inches in from the edge, then use scissors to cut a 1-inch slit in the center of each flap.
3. Stack together all of the cards, placing the folded card stock at the bottom of the pile, then bind together all of the pieces using 2 small metal binder rings (available at office supply stores). To set up the flip-book, just interlock the slits in the flaps of the card stock to create a triangular display stand

Chore Card

Kids can pledge to lend Mom or Dad a hand around the house with this flowery card.


8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet of heavyweight paper
Construction paper or card stock
Con-tact paper, optional


1. Fold in half an 8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet of heavyweight paper so that the shorter ends match up.
2. Cut a flowerpot shape from colored construction paper or card stock and glue it to the lower portion of the card face. Attach only the bottom and side edges and leave the top unglued.
3. Cut out a bunch of colored flowers and thick green stems and then glue the stem tops to the backs of the blossoms.
4. Once the glue dries, print a different chore (such as “fold the laundry” or “walk the dog”) on the back of each stem.
5. Inscribe the inside of the card with the words “Pick a flower and you will see the jobs you’ll pick this week for me” and sign it. All that’s left to do is to “plant” the flowers in the pot and present the card.

Tips: Laminate the card and flowers with Con-tact paper to make them longer lasting.

Happy Mother’s Day!