Rambama Is Now Our President *snort*

WHY are people so determined to make Obama into some sort of saint or holy man?

Or a super hero?

Seriously people, it’s pathetic and downright embarrassing. There is a segment of our society so desperate to disguise, diffuse, and divert attention away from Obama’s dismal policies and mistakes (just take a look at our economy if you don’t believe me – unemployment is still at unacceptable levels – rising gas prices – 1 in 7 people now on food stamps – how CAN Obama supporters defend that? Short answer, they can’t), that they will stoop to even lower levels to achieve that distraction.

Behold our president – the super hero:

Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

The minute Obama said late on the night of May 1 that the U.S. had found and killed bin Laden, Emil Vicale knew which his action figure company’s would make next — Rambama.

On Wednesday morning, Hero Builders released the Obama SEAL Team 6 action figure — a muscular President in fatigues armed with an M1-A4.


What a colossal slap in the face for our Navy Seals.

Look. This whole bin Laden deal – Obama deserves credit for giving the okay to take out the son of a bitch. If the operation had gone badly, Obama would have received a lot of heat. Sure. I give credit where credit is due.

But if it hadn’t been for Bush’s policies/procedures (yes, I’m alluding to the “enhanced interrogation techniques”), then bin Laden wouldn’t have been put in a position to BE caught. And the fact that he was is because America has KICK ASS special ops teams. These men put their lives on the line to carry out these incredibly dangerous missions all so we, Americans, can peacefully sleep at night. (And our awesome military? Doesn’t even get paid that much. And we’re thinking of cutting defense and reallocating that money to entitlement programs? Get your priorities straight, America, Do you want to be safe or don’t you).

And as a side note – I wonder how the liberals will feel with the fact that their super hero president is sporting a GUN of all things. *gasp* What happened to appeasing our enemies? What happened to a peaceful solution? (This is the liberal mindset, not necessarily mine. Though I’m all for finding a peaceful solution in lieu of violence, I’m also realistic. Peaceful doesn’t stand a chance against insane, hate-filled people toting guns).

This is just too crazy to even talk about anymore. It’s like I’m living in an alternate universe or something.


Last Full Day of School

So I blackmailed Dude with the whole, “but it’s MOTHER’S DAY and this is what I want for MOTHER’S DAY” [insert whiny voice] guilt trip this past weekend and made him pose for pictures with us. hehe. I’m glad to report that it worked.

He’s such a softie, my first born is.

We got some decent shots, but I wish we had had the foresight to steam the wrinkles out of the backdrops first.


Oh well. We’ll look back on this and laugh.

I’m pretty happy with the photos, overall. I ordered three 5 x 7’s of this photo and three more 5 x 7’s of two more poses of just Dude through Snapfish. I also ordered four 4 x 6’s as well.

That’s 13 photos for a WHOPPING $10.00. Yeah. I’m pretty much in love with Snapfish. They’re affiliated with Flickr, so if you have a Flickr account and want to order prints, it will automatically send you over to Snapfish to complete your order. (You do need to sign up for an account at Snapfish, though). Not only are their prices VERY reasonable, but they deliver fast, too. I should have the photos by either Friday or Saturday.

I don’t think this whole graduation thing really hit Dude until he saw himself in his cap and gown. And I found out Tuesday night that the boy’s last “official” day of school is TODAY!! Actually, since Dude made such good grades this semester, he only has to take ONE FINAL tomorrow and that’s his first period class. After that? HE CAN LEAVE!

So today is his “official” last day of school. And I don’t think he really has a lot to do today, either. He will be going to his memories assembly and then probably goofing off and signing yearbooks the rest of the day.

He’s ECSTATIC, of course. I’m ecstatic for him! I remember how exciting it was to be a senior, feeling oh so important and “all that” *snap* around the underclassmen.

Dude has to go back to school on Tuesday morning in order to practice for graduation – and then he OFFICIALLY graduates Tuesday night. Jazz is playing with the band at graduation, so it’s going to be crazy getting everyone there and in position. Dude’s school is the last school to graduate in the city and another school will be leaving as we’re getting there so I anticipate a lot of chaos – but that’s okay, it’ll be worth it.

It still seems so unreal that we’ve reached this point. You work 13 years to get here and suddenly, HERE IT IS!! It’s just a bitter-sweet experience.

I have no idea what Dude is going to do after graduation. We’re not really going to pressure him to get a job until we get back from our vacation in late July, so he has a few months to relax and enjoy his new-found freedom. He did tell me that he wants to start experimenting with some sort of computer program and we received an OTC fall schedule in the mail the other day, so we’ll likely discuss him taking one (possibly two?) classes this fall. This will be in addition to his job, because he WILL be gainfully employed as well. (Granted the kid can find a job in this crappy economy).

He’s also expected to get up at a decent hour every morning, shower and change into regular clothes as opposed to sitting around all day in his jammies. With me, Kevin and Jazz all going our separate ways, that’s the least the boy can do. And he wants to anyway. When I asked him what time he was going to get up in the mornings he said, “7:00 o’clock,” so I’m pretty sure he knows the “rules” of living at home.

Now we just have to enforce them and show him that we’re serious.

At any rate, THIS IS IT! We’ve arrived at a crossroad in Dude’s life. Pull up a chair, have some popcorn and let’s watch to see which road he decides to take.