Graduation is in T-minus EIGHT days!!

I adore this boy … er … man??

We “talked” Dude into dressing up and wearing his cap and gown this past weekend so we could take pictures of him. We did it mainly because I want to blow the best one up to 5 x 7 so I can put it in a frame that I had custom-made for him, but we also did it because I was afraid that with the craziness that is sure to happen graduation night, I was afraid we wouldn’t have time, or just plain forget in all the excitement, to take some really good pictures of him, and with us.

Kevin moved our photography lights up to the office. He then draped a black and white (not one sheet, two sheets) and we took pictures against the background. I think we got some pretty good shots.

I’ll post the pictures soon.

The pictures you see above were actually taken last fall in our backyard. I wanted to get a decent shot of him to put on his graduation announcements.

Though Dude scowls at all the picture taking, I think, deep down, he’s enjoying the attention.

As he should. He’s worked very hard to get to this point and we’re very proud of him.