Prompt Fiction

The Perfect Couple

The three words to use in a story this week are:

  • Grace
  • Jitter
  • Thin

Thanks for reading.

Most people would be embarrassed to go to Disney World with their parents, but not me.

I had snorted a line of coke before my parents had picked me up. I felt invincible. I felt happy and confident. And I definitely felt like I could handle my parents and their sick, happy lives.

“Grace, you look so thin, are you eating enough?” my mother gently pushed a tendril of hair behind my ear as we waited for my dad to park the car.

I smiled. “Yes, mom. I’m definitely eating enough.”

“Well, I hope you’re ready to eat today because they have all kinds of scrumptious foods to eat here.”

I squelched a chuckle – only my mother would say the word “scrumptious.”

My slightly overweight dad came jogging toward us. I squelched another chuckle as I watched his belly quiver and roll against his waistband. “Looks like dad put on a little weight,” I said, my affection softening the blow.

“Oh poo,” my mother waved her hand and smiled at my father. “He’s like a big roll of squeezable Charmin.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed.

“All right, ladies,” my dad huffed as he joined us. “Ready to get this party started?”

“Of course!” my mom chimed up.

All I could manage was a smile. I was feeling jittery and I noticed my hands were shaking. I always got the shakes after I did drugs. But I wasn’t worried, it usually only lasted a few hours. I figured I could distract them once we got into the park –they’d never notice a thing, they were too wrapped up on being perfect.

I smirked at my thoughts.

They clasped hands and led the way to the gate. I rolled my eyes behind them. I loved my parents, don’t get me wrong, but their public affection for one another always sickened me.

For I knew what they were really like behind closed doors.

“Honey, are you coming?” my mother asked over her shoulder as she dug in her purse for the passes.

“Right behind you,” I murmured. I began running possible scenarios through my mind on how I could get rid of my parents in the Happiest Place on Earth.


Inspired by this Post Secret.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Couple”

  1. Oh, I miss the happy days of Fiction Friday, when life was simpler and time was less scarce. And dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

    Anyway, good setup here. I don’t like this girl. Or her parents. But you’ve left the door open for redemption.

  2. Having read this piece before noticing your own comment I was so pleased to hear that you write a lot like I do. I start off and with a basic scenario that develops uncontrollably as I go on and even am surprised myself when it’s done. Needless to say I loved it.

  3. I don’t even know where this story came from. I started writing and then it was like, “Meh. These people are too perfect, how boring!” So I threw in some drugs, a little obscure reference to … something, wrapped it up, stuck some sort of ending on it and *poof* – contribution. lol

  4. it makes you wonder what they are really like are they putting on public faces or is it the drugs that make her think that way? Very interesting story

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