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Bad Actress Auditions for Play Using Charlie Sheen’s Rants as Her Monologue

(And for the record – I don’t think this woman is a bad actress at all. Au contraire).

I’m not the kind of person to follow celebrity gossip. I don’t buy magazines, I don’t watch celebrity news shows on TV (okay, I do once in a while) … I honestly don’t care. To me, they’re high profile people who get paid to entertain us.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And I don’t feel comfortable following stories whenever a star goes berserk. I feel like a voyeur and it makes me uncomfortable, especially when someone is truly losing it in a very public way, like Charlie Sheen.

Even though I’m not keeping track of the man’s apparent demise (and there is still a small part of me that wonders if this is some sort of publicity stunt – though not a very good one since he got fired from his $2 million dollar an episode gig), I’ve heard and read enough to know that Sheen’s been spouting some pretty disturbing nonsense lately.

I made the mistake of clicking over and watching just a bit of him on his UStream station the other night and after about two minutes (seriously, that’s all I could handle), I had to click away. He looks terrible. He sounds like a lunatic and the people that were in the room with him were busting a gut and laughing it up like he was actually making sense. It was sickening. It’s a shame that there isn’t someone with enough balls to take Sheen by the shoulders, give him a good shake and tell him, “Dude. You’re losing it and the whole world is watching and laughing at you. You need HELP, man.”

At any rate, a friend posted this video on Facebook today and I thought it was too cool to pass up. It’s not cool because the actress is acting out Sheen’s nonsense, but because she’s pretending to be a bad actress acting out Sheen’s nonsense.

It takes talent to act badly! lol

Another reason I think this video is interesting is because when you listen to what the man is saying, away from the famous (gaunt) face and the media hoopla, it truly IS sad and deranged, don’t you think?

(P.S. I don’t recommend following the link that appears after this video is finished playing. It’s disturbing and raunchy. Just warning you).