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SOC: Future Plans

I’ve been making my oldest son drive up to the office after school every day.

He’s supposed to be studying for the ACT test he plans on taking (for the second time) in April June.

He’s also supposed to be scrolling through a few local college sites to get an idea of what he might like to do with his life.

Keywords: Supposed to.

He’s confused. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. He doesn’t know where to start.

I’m confused. I don’t want to tell him what to do with his life; I’m not sure how to direct him, either.

We’re both floundering. I want to help guide the boy, but I don’t want to live his life for him. He knows he will need to do something, but all he wants to do is stay a kid for a while longer.

Did you know what you wanted to do at 18? I didn’t. But then again, when I was 18, I had already been working for two years, too. So I was concentrating on making money and paying my rent. (I moved out shortly after high school graduation into my own apartment).

He hasn’t had a job yet. I’ve sort of discouraged him from getting a job. I wanted him to concentrate on getting through high school and making the best grades he was capable of making. I’m pleased to announce that the boy has done exactly that. He’s a great boy … scratch that, he’s a great man. I’m very proud to be his mother. He will be a great worker, boyfriend, husband, father someday.

Of that, I AM sure.

But for right now the big question is: what does he do with himself after high school?

This question LOOMS over us. Even though we are encouraging him to think about his future now, we don’t want him to think that whatever he chooses he will be stuck with for the rest of his life.

We’re all at a crossroads and none of us know which direction to take.

It’s hard to concentrate on just one direction when there are so many directions he could take. His possibilities are endless at this stage in his life.

But in order to help him, I need to focus on one or two things – the things that need the most attention now – getting him through the ACT test with a better score and prepping him for the working world.

Because regardless of whether he goes on to college or not, he WILL get a job. He must. It’s part of the growing up process.

Pushing him toward his future is harder on me, I think.

*ding* Time’s up.


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