I’m Sorry to Keep Bringing This Up, But You Guys, My Baby is 16-Years Old!

And no, I don’t normally talk to my teenage boys like they’re three, but I think, for just a moment, I was picturing this boy, this young man, as a young boy with white hair and an infectious smile who always loved to ham it up during birthday songs.

Actually, the hamming part still applies, apparently. 🙂

*sigh* Time is moving too quickly.

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: Highlights from Live Out Loud – Part 2

by John Schoenheit / Ryan Maher
This second tape/CD in the two-part set includes two powerful teachings from the 2005 Live Out Loud Teens & Twenties Conference that are sure to speak to your heart: John Schoenheit (Resolutions) and Ryan Maher (What Can You Give?).

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