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Aloha Friday: Which is Harder?

Aloha! Kailani is the brain-child behind this fun Friday meme. If you feel inclined to answer my question, please post your answer in the comment section. Sound fun? Of course it does! Want to answer more questions? Hop over to An Island Life and play along!

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My question:

Which is harder: Wife or Mother? Why?.

I plan on blogging about this subject this next week. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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13 thoughts on “Aloha Friday: Which is Harder?”

  1. I think being a mother is harder because you are often having to balance multiple people with their various desires and ideas and personalities. Being a wife I just have to focus on DH, being a mom I have to focus on several people who are often all going in different directions — sigh.

  2. Being a wife you only have to deal with 2 personalities. Being a mother you have to deal with more and all the daily needs that arise. Motherhood is much more difficult.

  3. While I cannot comment on being a mom yet, because I’m not one. (Although have been trying, and with an infertility specialist for 2 years – so in that regard being a woman is hard) But I’d imagine being a mom is harder… but also rewarding. I feel it’s easy to be a wife, because my hubs and I make a really great team! It’s not really work. Of course we have our tiffs every now and again, it’s not always roses, but… we just kind of have a synergy!

  4. Being a mother is harder!
    As a wife, I deal with an adult (hubby) who most of the time understands me.
    As a mother, I deal with children who most of the time don’t listen, much less wants to understand me. Most of the time I think I know what to do as a mother but really I don’t!
    Or maybe, my opinion is based from having very young children, and a hubby, who works long hours.

  5. I’d have to say mother. In a good marriage, being a wife is kind of rocking. Not to say it doesn’t come with it’s hard parts, but I think it’s harder being a mother. The guilt, the worry, the poop, the lack of sleep.

  6. Right now being a mother is kicking my butt….I love my son but this stage he’s in makes me want to run and hide away from him!

  7. If you asked me when my kids were little, I would’ve set wife was harder. Now that my kids are becoming tweens/teens, I think mother is harder.

  8. I have to say being a Mother is harder than being a wife – as a wife, it’s like being a roommate with a fun friend, but being a Mother you have that delicate balance between friend and ‘because I said so’. 😉

    Aloha: Relax

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