Eating Healthy is a Choice

(Sorry RSS readers. I keep forgetting to tell you there is a video. Vimeo videos don’t transfer into feeds for some reason. My apologizes!)

This is one of my beautiful nieces. *puffs up with pride* She had to write a persuasive essay for a Speech and Debate tournament for her school.

She has food issues herself – she’s allergic to a lot of common ingredients in food, so it’s been a real challenge for her to find her new normal. This would be one of the biggest reasons she chose this specific topic, I think, but it’s definitely a topic that people need to talk more about.

I love how organized she is! She’s very concise and she does a spectacular job at keeping eye contact with her audience. She seems relaxed and very confident, which goes a long way toward persuading an audience, I think.

She went on and won an award for this speech. I can definitely see why!

She’s right you know – eating healthy IS a choice.

(I especially liked the part where she talks about eating healthy being a priority. I think she nailed that point home!)