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Audio Teaching: Healthy Submission

by Gary and Karen Theisen
Taught live at the CES Family Camp, this teaching looks at the biblical idea of “submission” and what that really means. Submission is often misunderstood as a hindrance to walking in liberty and self-fulfillment, especially in relation to the command to wives in Ephesians 5 (and elsewhere) to submit to their husbands. This teaching is a step toward greater understanding of God’s heart for marriage, but also an exhortation to all in the Body of Christ to show their submission to the Lord Jesus by demonstrating appropriate submission to others in his Body. Each Christian is asked to submit to another as is appropriate under the lordship of Jesus Christ, even a husband to a wife when that is appropriate. This is not intended to be the definitive teaching on marriage, but is a step toward that understanding. It particularly emphasizes the importance of a husband’s servant-leadership in his family, encouraging thereby a response of “healthy submission” without coercion or manipulation.

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