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Waiting to Board the Workout Wagon Once Again

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What does your fitness routine consist of?

What fitness routine?

Right now, there isn't one.

But that's not really my fault (don't worry, this is not going to be one of those "but it's not my fault what I put into my mouth" or "I don't have time to exercise," or, "Working out is so HARD" posts. They get on my nerves, too. I won't waste your time with whiny excuses).

I had surgery five weeks ago and the doctor very clearly stated I was NOT to do any sort of exercising for at least six weeks. And that includes lifting anything over 10 pounds (which I've since learned is nearly exactly the same poundage as a basket of laundry – shucks) or vacuuming.

(I had a colon restructure in case you're curious what sort of surgery I had. And yes, it's pretty much what you think it is and no, I won't go into details. You're welcome).

But my six weeks will be up this week. And though I'm probably going to be hated for admitting this …

I'm rather looking forward to getting back on an exercise routine again.

I get on these "kicks." I go through pretty intense exercise spurts where all I do is exercise. Where all of my energies go into getting into shape and I feel and look pretty good until the spurt dies a slow, burning death and I gain enough pounds that my pants start to bite into me whenever I wear them and I'm back on my kick again.

(Don't buy bigger clothes when you gain weight. Just don't. That will get you into trouble. Instead, resolve to eat less and move more – those pants will be comfortable once more if you'll do those two simple [ha!] things).

And now that I'm being given the green light to get back into it by my doctor, I'm ready to sweat it off once more.

I have an advantage though – I lost close to fifteen pounds after my surgery, so I sort of feel like I have a head start, if you want the truth. But i feel flabby (especially my stomach where the doctor stitched me back together again – it's like a wave machine whenever you pat on it. I definitely need to do some toning). We're also planning a beach vacation this summer, which means shorts and tank tops, which means I need tight buns and toned arms to look even halfway decent for those dreaded family vacation photos.

*shudder* You know, those dreaded vacation pictures where your blubber is there for all the world to see at every family get together and saved in every family album? Yeah. THOSE vacation pictures.

I'm a speed walker. I love to walk. I also love to punch, kick and jump around like an idiot. In other words, I dig the fun workouts. Which is why I'm looking forward to working out with EA Sports. (This is not a sponsored post – calm down).

The kids have had a Wii for a few years now so when I saw the EA Sports program I asked Santa to bring me a copy. Since Santa loves it when I'm in one of my workout spurts, he happily obliged.

That was last year. I have yet to try it out. Unfortunately, my workout spurt petered out before I had a chance to try it out (much to Santa's chagrin) so I haven't even opened the thing since last Christmas.

My husband opened it up the other day and tried it out (with the full intention of getting me excited about it, I'm sure. It worked, by the way) and now I'm looking forward to trying it out this week. I'll start slow, I don't want to over do it right off the bat but I know me and it won't be long before I push myself to the more advanced levels.

I used to be a member of a gym. In fact, I used to get up at 4:30 every morning, for two and a half years, (I was clearly crazy back then) and drag my butt to the gym, work out on the weights and finish a five mile walk before the regular hard bodies arrived. (That was my longest fitness "spurt").

But I got burned out on the gym because it IS a pain to get up, get dressed, drive to the gym, workout, get back into your car smelling like a rose (not), come home, take a shower, get dressed and THEN start your day. It's so much easier to workout at home. Not to mention, I love that I can watch TV shows on DVD on my little flat-screen I have set up on a shelf on the wall in front of my treadmill because it distracts me enough that I don't think about my muscles screaming for mercy. (I walk with hand weights, too).

So yeah, it's nearly time for me to get back on my workout wagon. Summer is coming up and that means more skin.

Who's with me?

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