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Transforming Myself into a Grown Up

So, I’ve been busy at work.

Working Hard

What? Yes I have.

(Do I need to explain this photo? Fine. Kevin and I stayed at the office for lunch [actually, we do that most days to save on gas driving home] and we locked the door, turned off the lights, put our “will be back at 1:00 sign” and had lunch. After lunch, I got sleepy, so I put on my coat [because I was cold, duh], propped my feet up on my new desk and took a twenty minute snooze. It’s my office, I’ll take a snooze at lunch if I want to).

So you’re wondering how the job hunting is going, right?

Well, I’ll tell ya.

My resume is DONE.


Yep. I finally wrote the sucker. And it was like pulling teeth because OH MY GOSH, that was tough trying to wax poetic about my past work experience.

And I have experience, just not a lot of experience in ONE field. My experience stems from Restaurant, Banking, Retail, to Web Management. I’m experienced in diversified environments. (That’s an actual line from my resume). I can also offer solid writing, editing, and business skills, too. (Another line from my resume).

My resume turned out well; I’m happy with it. In fact, Kevin was so impressed with my format he wants me to re-do his resume as well. Not that he will need his resume any time soon (*ahem*), but it’s nice to have one handy just in case, don’t you know.

Now, I need to write a cover letter.

Just shoot me now. Thank God I have some examples to look at.

The job I have my eye on is still listed. I’m pretty sure I’m sabotaging myself – dragging my feet so I can say “Oh no! Why did I wait so long!” when the listing is taken off and I haven’t applied.

I do that – sabotage myself. That way, I can’t fail because I never tried.

You had no idea I was such a chicken sh*t, did you.

But even if I wait too long and the listing is removed, I’m still going to send in my information … just in case they need someone in the near future. I’m also going to tweak my resume so I can submit it to Cox Hospitals as well. I’d still really like to find some sort of clerical job in the health care field, too.

I dream high, I know.

In addition to finishing my resume and writing my cover letter, I’m going to redesign my professional website as well. I’m hoping that by providing a link to my website it will give me an edge over my competitors. (Told you I dream big). But I need to redesign it because it’s too cutesy and it looks dated. I want something that’s a little more professional, still fun, but more professional. Don’t believe me? Take a gander:


See? Cute. Not professional. Redesigning my work site shouldn’t take me too long – I found a graphic on that I plan on using. Now that I have an idea, it’s just a matter of making the graphics, which I’m pretty fast at. I have all of the content compiled and ready to go, I just need to insert everything in the right place.

I”m loving my office, but I must confess, I’ve been spending more time watching people outside my window than I have been actually working. I took care of that temptation by shutting my blinds. I thought having a window would be cool, and it is, but it’s also really distracting – so I have an office with a window that I never use.

I got my business cards the other day. I emptied out my business card holder to put my new cards in and what do I find tucked inside?? THREE gift cards that I totally forgot I had!! One to Starbucks, one to Barnes and Noble and one to JCPenney. I checked the balances on all of these cards and YIPPEE! Free money!

Kevin and I will use the Starbucks gift card today when we go to lunch (we always go to lunch every Wednesday and then treat ourselves to Starbucks afterwards) and I’ll hold off using the Barnes and Noble one (I’ll probably end up buying the new Dreamweaver “Classroom in a book” book), but I can use the JCPenney one right away.

I’ll need an interview outfit, you see.

Since I’ve been out of the working world for so long, I got rid of all of my work clothes – I mean, I have some nice casual clothes, but definitely nothing I can wear on an interview. I’ll need to go shopping very soon because I’m totally convinced I’m going to be called for interviews now that I have a snazzy new resume and a killer cover letter (that I have yet to write but I’m sure will be killer when I get done with it).

Also? Hair. As in, I seriously need to get a new ‘do. I bought a hair magazine the other day (and why exactly do I do that? I buy these hair magazines about once every two years and every time I buy them I think, “these hairdos look like the ones in the last magazine I bought”. This time was no exception) and I found a style that I think will look flattering on me and professional at the same time.

My criteria for ‘dos? It must have bangs. My forehead is not attractive. It’s high, wrinkly and I have a three-inch scar running up into it from my left eye (car accident, long story). It’s just not sexy. I’ve had styles where I didn’t really have bangs (like now, actually) and I hate it. Bangs soften my face. I would LOVE to go short, like bob short, but the older I get, the more my face is sagging and I am definitely developing a tendency toward jowls. I think a bob cut would only accentuate my jowls.

Sexy, right?

I’ve made an appointment to get my haircut on Friday. I’ll try and remember to take before and after pictures.

The bottom line? I want to be ready WHEN (notice I’m staying optimistic here) I get called for an interview. I’ll be honest, (when am I not?), I’m scared to put myself back out into the working world. But at the same time, I’m really excited to start a new chapter in my life.

And think of the blogging material! It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think? 😀

Thanks for indulging me as I chronicle this new chapter. Hopefully, this story will have a happy ending.

Abundant Life

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