Work Stuff

Unveiling the New Work Site

So Kevin and I put his business website together today:


Cool, right? I really like the way it turned out – clean, crisp and professional. You can see the whole thing at

Well, not the WHOLE thing – the pages have been made but they’re not complete. We’ll add more information on Monday.

Kevin made the header, I did the rest. I really like the background color – it’s sort of a rich teal color, almost an indigo denim. At least, in my opinion. I have a lot of tweaking still to do: make a favicon, add some keywords, editing (I just noticed the text on the home page needs some work -ignore that, I’m aware of it), manipulate some code … but it’s stuff that goes pretty fast. The thing that takes the longest is the design, after that’s been pounded out, the rest just sort of falls into place.

I feel like today was a pretty productive day, though I didn’t have a chance to work on my resume. I’m going back into the office tomorrow to work on it. I want to have it completely done, along with my professional webpage (that will be located at this address), before Monday. I want to apply for those two positions I told you guys about earlier before too much time slips by me. I’m opting to go into the office because I’m quite comfortable there, there are fewer distractions and it’s quiet. Like tombstone quiet.

I love it. I’m forced to focus because what else is there to do? 😀 I think it will be a great place for me to work on my creative writing, too. Whenever I find time to get back to it, that is.

Kevin has deemed Fridays as housekeeping day. So he ran the vacuum cleaner while I washed the windows. Not only did I nearly freeze to death, but I had the honor of having some dude in his truck staring at my butt the entire time. Kevin’s office is the type of office where you can literally park right in front of his office and for some reason, this guy parked right in front of Kevin’s office as I was washing windows. He later got out and went into another business, but it was really annoying knowing he was talking on the phone and focused on my ass. He later got out and said, “do you wash windows at home, too?”

Oh … hahahahaha!


They look nice – his windows. We’re anxious to get his lettering applied, but the maintenance guy hasn’t gotten back with Kevin yet so … we’re waiting. We’re also still waiting on my desk (Kevin is getting QUITE annoyed, it’s been over two weeks since he ordered it), as well as waiting on our business cards.

Did I mention Kevin is not exactly the most patient person when it comes to stuff like this? He likes to get stuff done and he expects those around him to be just as motivated as him. After we get him set up (desk, lettering, business cards, sign on the building), we can start advertising for clients. He already has one client, which is enough to sustain his business for a while, but still, it’s never too early to work for more.

We’re also planning on fixing the nail holes in his wall and repainting at some point. Oh, and we need to find some art for his walls.

His phone has been ringing on the hook. Word has gotten out that he’s a new business, so he’s been bombarded with sales calls – people trying to sell him things, credit cards mainly. It’s annoying, but sort of cool because our neighbors must think we’re really busy and since we don’t have his signage up yet, I bet they’re also wondering just what sort of business we’re in.

At any rate, this is sort of fun, helping him get set up.I was nervous at first and I’m still a little nervous, but this all feels SO RIGHT. I honestly think he made the right decision leasing this office and going out on his own.

Now we just need to make it work.

We WILL make it work.