Office Work

I’m sitting here, munching on half of an apple (I gave the other half to Dude) and thinking about the french film that Kevin and I just watched in his instant Netflix queue. What is it about reading subtitles that make a movie so intriguing? Is it the fact that you have no choice but to pay attention and read the subtitles or risk becoming hopelessly lost within the story? Or does reading the subtitles put a voice in your head and make the characters just that much more interesting?

At any rate, the movie was Amélie and it was truly adorable. The character was adorably shy and you couldn’t help but love her. I’d recommend it but I warn you, there are boobs.

But it’s French, would you expect anything less?

It was a good day.

I met Kevin at his office and together, we worked on putting his office together. Not physically, but we ordered business cards (I ordered myself some too – from Vista Print, because they were free, except for the postage), I recorded the voice mail for his office, (because he thinks my voice sounds so much better than his even though it’s HIS office and HIS business), we brainstormed some ideas for his logo and even nabbed some pretty good design ideas for his website design. I reserved his domain name and we contacted the man who is in charge of putting up lettering on the business doors. We mapped it out, know where we want to put it and now we’re hoping the cost doesn’t give me a heart attack.

We even went to Office Depot and bought a “Will be back at such-and-such time” sign.

Things are moving right along.

I spent the entire day at the office with Kevin, and came home – Kevin had driven his truck so we had separate vehicles. I worry that we’re spending too much time together – living together, working together, but Kevin doesn’t think it will be a problem.

And I don’t either … right now. But since I don’t exactly fancy plotting his death some day because I’m so sick of being around him, I still plan on finding a little something-something for me to do just to put a little space between us. Kevin mentioned he saw a lot of clerical jobs available with the hospital …. Hmm … I never thought of working in the health care industry.

I like it.

Dude graduates in exactly 130 days. This thought is never far from my mind.

Did I mention life is good?