NaNoWriMo Progress Report #3

Getting Started!/writefromkaren/status/1384697888247808

I’m shocked by what I’ve written. Not the actual content, but rather, the direction my story is taking me.

I never begin these challenges with an outline, or even a plot, in mind. (Actually, I never have any clue where I’m going with any of my writing). I have an initial idea, I throw some cardboard characters in there and I dive in, head first, into the shallow end.

Somehow, and I don’t know how this happens, I inevitably start figuring out who these characters are as I’m writing. They have lives, they have interests, they develop weaknesses they become … people.

And ideas? Start tickling the back of my imagination. I can feel it, like a stray hair sweeping over your arm – you know it’s there but damn if you can’t locate it and remove it.

It’s bothersome. And that’s how it feels when I start getting AN IDEA.

This is what happened the other day. The germ of an idea was born but I wasn’t sure where it was taking me. I had laid the foundation, but I couldn’t see how the entire floor plan was supposed to look.

And then, THEN, suddenly, the plot idea *POOFED* and appeared before me.!/writefromkaren/status/1406560949501952

This, THIS, is why I adore NaNoWriMo. Its a real high when the plot magically puts itself together and it’s better than my original idea.

My story is moving along. I have transformed my character’s main love interest into the villain and it looks like the best friend might end up the love interest. I’ve also tossed in a serial rapist in the mix – my heroine is now in danger.

I’m telling you, writers, if you’ve never given this “don’t have an outline to save my life” approach to writing, you should try it sometime; it’s really liberating. You have to be willing to just let go and follow your imagination around, but it’s amazing where the bugger leads you – I’m constantly surprised.!/writefromkaren/status/1984794363695104

I’m barely keeping my head above water here. I’d like to be a few thousand words ahead of the game just so I have the buffer. I have a feeling I won’t have a lot of time to write around Thanksgiving (we’re hosting dinner this year), so I really need that word cushion.