{this moment}

Waiting to Paint

Kevin is trimming the bathroom; I’m waiting to go in and use the roller on the rest of the walls.

We’re quite the painting team.

UPDATE: The color is supposed to look like hot cocoa. In a word? No. We’ll see what it looks like after it dries but right now? It’s not looking very promising – may have to paint it a lighter color, which means primer and more work. *sigh*

UPDATE 2: Yep. It’s official. We hate it. It looks like a pack (?) of monkeys went wild and had a poo party in our bathroom. We’re heading back to Lowe’s after we pick up the kids to pick a more khaki color. Grr.

UPDATE 3: Okay. We went back to Lowe’s and bought a wheat-colored paint. We’re applying it now and we’re laughing our fool heads off because it looks YELLOW. As in HELLO! I’M YELLOW! Let’s hope it dries darker, a lot darker.

UPDATE 4: So it’s painted … and I think we’re going to like it. We still need to see what it looks like tomorrow but initial impressions? Doable.

UPDATE 5: The wrinkles in my neck are very attractive.