A Touching Moment

My in-laws took us all out of dinner last night – we had Chinese.

They gave me a card that brought tears to my eyes. Here’s what it said:

For a Special Daughter-in-Law on her birthday

Before you married you-know-who
his life was fairly sweet.

But something wasn’t right somehow.
The guy was incomplete!

Then one day you came along
and everything soon changed.

He looked so extra happy,
people thought he was deranged!

At last he’d found his soul mate
and he truly was elated.

The floating hearts above his head
were ones that you created!

Once you tied the knot,
it got much easier to see.

That you were what was missing
from his family’s family tree!

Your husband thinks you’re awesome
and the rest of us do, too.

It’s plain to see,
we all agree …

…there’s no one quite like you!

Sweet, right? And then Kevin refused to sit by me at dinner.

I think his parents love me more than he does.