NaNoWriMo Progress Report #1

Getting Started

I’m tired. No really, I’m exhausted.

This does not bode well for the rest of the month.

In addition to staying up way too late last night to watch the zoo that is our political system, I think I’m coming down with a cold.

And monthly Myrtle has decided to pay me a visit. And she’s not only here, she’s banging pots and pans, scattering toilet paper all over my house and generally being a HUGE nuisance. My abdomen is quite displeased with her.

This is not helping my fatigue. (Sorry, TMI)

I am already bored with my story. Three days in and I’m already stuck as to where I’m going. THIS IS NOT GOOD. I like my characters, I think this story has potential, but I haven’t quite figured out what that might be at the moment.

There’s no conflict right now. I’ve set up the situation, semi-introduced my characters and though the reader has been thrown into the middle of Marsha’s life (my main character), I know they’re thinking, “who cares??”

I’m not discouraged though, this is pretty normal for me, it’s just that I don’t usually reach this stage until the third week.

Not the third DAY.

I have to get my driver’s license renewed and my oil changed tomorrow. I have to – my license expires in five days and I’m going on 5,000 miles since my last oil change. Since the place I take my car is usually slow, I’m going to ask Kevin if he will bring me home so I can at least get in about 30 minutes of writing as opposed to sitting around the smelly waiting room and watching day time talk shows. *shudder* (And no, I can’t take my laptop and try and write in the waiting room. I can’t concentrate and besides, I spend most of my time people watching in situations like that – it gives me a chance to steal some characteristics).

I’m taking Dude to get his haircut tomorrow after school. BUT, we’re doing something a little different this time around. He’s driving us up there and I’m staying in the car while he checks in, gets his cut, and pays. We go to Too Hotties, which is a salon specifically for men. This means that there are hot girls wearing skin-tight t-shirts and short skirts who wait on the guys. (So sexist, but whatever, they give good cuts … geez, that sounded dirty). This also means it’s a terribly uncomfortable place to sit around since I’m the only female in there and I’m not exactly Too Hottie material.

At any rate, I’ll take my laptop up with us and write a bit in the car while I wait on him. I did that yesterday when I took Jazz in for his dentist appointment and I actually got quite a bit done – it’s amazing how QUIET the car can be.

My goal is to break the 10,000 word mark before Saturday.

Tell me, fellow Wrimos, how is your writing going? What is your word count?

Abundant Life

Audio Teaching: The “Sons of God” Of Genesis Six

by John Schoenheit
This teaching explains one of the first Satanic attacks on mankind to stop the promised “seed” of Genesis 3:15 from being born. Both prior to the Flood of Noah’s time, and afterward, certain evil spirits violated a prohibition of God, took on human form and mated with women. These are the spirits currently “in prison.” The result was genetic aberration called the Nephilim, which means “fallen ones.” The truth regarding this subject is the key to understanding why God sent the Flood, and why He was so insistent that the people of Israel in Joshua’s time kill every single living Canaanite, etc. Both of these things were completely consistent with God’s nature of love and righteousness. It also shows that no matter how big the enemy, e.g., Goliath, (one of the Nephilim), a believer can triumph with the power of God.

Click the arrow to listen.

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