NaNoWriMo Progress Report #2

Getting Started

I have discovered a secret weapon.

Write or Die.

It’s a writing program that pretty much MAKES you write. And if you stop? It will start deleting your words! So you really have no choice but to move forward.

I’ve been using the free, online version. They also have a desktop version you can pay $10 bucks for.

In the desktop version, you can disable the backspace, make it full screen, disable the save feature until you reach your goal (!!!), and make it so that you’re only seeing what you’re typing, that way, you’re not tempted to stop and re-read what you just wrote.

I’ve been using the Write or Die program on and off for the past two days and I’m quite convinced this is the reason I’m now over 11,000 words. When you use the program, you really have no choice but to write. I love it!! I will definitely be using it more and in fact, I think I might actually go ahead and buy the desktop version, just to give myself yet another kick in the pants.

The story is moving right along. I ended today’s session on the verge of a hot, steamy scene so it should be fairly easy for me to pick up when I start writing again.

I re-read a chapter and when I wrote it, I thought, “Geez, this really sucks.” But when I went back later and read it, it’s actually not too bad (if I say so myself). So take heart, Wrimos, chances are your work is not as bad as you think it is. But don’t read it yet! Save that for January … NaNoWriMo projects need a little time to “stew” before cooking any further. 😀

Kevin and I are getting ready to go grocery shopping. We’ve put it off long enough. Later, we’ll likely watch a movie and/or play a game with the boys. My birthday is coming up and I’ve been guilting the boys into playing Settlers of Catan with me. hehe I’m evil like that.

Hope your Saturday is going well!