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The small, insignificant, day-by-day things that happen in my life.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I had a very productive day. I got a lot of work done, and answered a lot of emails. It was a comfortable pace all day – I would answer a few emails, finish the requests and then get a few more emails. I was able to easily keep on top of things all day and didn’t feel overwhelmed. I even got a few compliments on my work, which only served to encourage me more.

I need to focus on getting my work website back up and running. Well, technically, it’s running, but it’s very outdated. I don’t know if I told you this, but I reserved the domain as well as the domain. I’m thinking I’m going to use the .net domain for my professional site (because most of the sites I’ve designed link to that website and it would just be easier to leave it as it) and use the .com domain for my writing.

*snort* That all sounds so nice, doesn’t it? My writing site? Like I do any writing to PUT on a writing site … but whatever.

I dream big. Hush.


Friday, August 27, 2010

So. The car.

We went and picked it up today, and we’re another $200 bucks poorer. The mechanic said that there were three computer codes that they couldn’t clear out, one was for this, one was for that, and the last one had something to do with the ignition system. I didn’t quite catch what it all meant, but I’m gathering, from what he said, that it could be a potential problem down the road. Whose bright idea was it to put computers in cars again? *sigh* At any rate, it’s fixed – for now. I’ll probably go driving with Dude tomorrow (I have to make sure he gets out and drives otherwise, he’ll get rusty. Trust me, the boy doesn’t move out of his computer chair – he needs to get out in the real world once in a while).

We still haven’t decided what to do with the car, long term. For now, I think we’re going to hang on to the car and see what happens. I just HATE putting too much money into it because we’ve already put more money into the heap than its book value. I’m especially sensitive to this because I used to work in the consumer loan department at the bank and I saw, way too many times to count, too many people disappointed (and even upset!) because all of the “improvements” or repairs they made to their car didn’t help the market value out one bit. It’s all about the market value, people.

Kevin has been trolling Craig’s List for a new car, for him. I’m totally okay with this. He’s been driving his truck for about four years now and has (constantly) talked about wanting a car for a while. I think he should go for it. I’ve been encouraging him to buy a car, he’s the one always nixing the idea. But he’s finding a few good deals through Craig’s List, so I have a feeling we might be car looking before long. Our biggest problem is where are we going to store these cars? We only have a two-car garage, the Cavalier already sits in our backyard. We need a garage, but it’s going to cost about $10K to $15K to build so …

We had a little drama after school today. Dude and Jazz meet at a door after school and then walk out to my car together. Only, Jazz didn’t show up and when the boys didn’t turn up at their normal time, I called Dude. He didn’t know where he was and he was getting really annoyed. I wasn’t worried, I just figured Jazz was doing something with the band and when I suggested Dude walk down to the band room, well, no would be putting it mildly.

After about five minutes, I called him back, “Jazz is getting his uniform,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, “then you might as well come on out to the car.”

When Dude arrived at the car, he was furious – as in, unreasonably furious, as in, I thought the boy would blow an artery furious. I was a bit alarmed at his anger. He was upset because he was tired of having to wait for Jazz every day. But, even if Dude didn’t wait for Jazz every day and came out to the car the ahead of him, he would be upset because we still had to wait on him. And even if he was driving, he would still have to wait on Jazz before he could take off. Now granted, Jazz won’t be hurried – he runs on his own time, but he’s also involved in band and extracurricular activities require time.

My point to Dude was – he’s spoiled. He’s not used to having to wait for anything. All of his entertainment is instantaneous; I’ve always been there or handled things for him in a timely matter. It’s always been BAM, BAM, BAM for Dude – no inconvenience. We had a pretty good talk (after he calmed down) and I think he realizes he needs to chill out about having to wait for things. I mean, the world does not exist for him. And before you ask, yes, I told him he was spoiled and yes, I told him I blamed myself.

I’m nothing if not honest with my kids and with myself.

We nearly passed out when Jazz arrived with his band uniform. Even though he got the same uniform as last year (they number them somehow) and even though we dry cleaned the uniform at the end of last year’s season, that thing stunk to high heaven. They must store those things somewhere damp because the mold was nearly palpable. We took it straight to the dry cleaners. I’ll take a picture of him wearing it and post it soon. His first football game is next Friday. I’m looking forward to it.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Audio version:


I love Oh life because they send you an email at 8:00 p.m. every night asking you how your day went. You reply to the email and it automatically posts to your Oh Life account.

I recorded the audio version through Audio Boo. You only have five minutes to record something – GO.

These entries are raw, immediate and from the heart. You can expect to see these updates every Wednesday and Sunday (or thereabouts)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. My daughter is just like Dude. I’m having such a hard time with teaching her that the things she wants don’t just appear when she wants them.

    She has no patience at all.

    It’s tough.

    In other news, looking forward to the writing site!

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