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Reason #1,014 Not to Have a Dog in the House

Reason #1,014 not to have a dog

Though I don’t know, that puppy-dog face (Heh) might, and I stress might, just get him off the hook.

(By the way, this is not our dog. I just thought the little guy was cute. Looking at pictures is as close as I want to get to a dog right now, thankyouverymuch).

Tell me about your “BAD DOG” moments.

7 thoughts on “Reason #1,014 Not to Have a Dog in the House”

  1. A few weeks ago my husband found a little turtle, the size of a quarter, in our pool. We tried to release her into the creek behind our house but she wouldn’t budge – and looked so tiny and helpless… So we brought her back up to the house and ran out and purchased a beautiful “habitat” for her – it has a platform for basking with a spiral staircase that descends into her swimming area complete with faux weeds, leaves, logs, rocks, etc. We named her Caitlin. At first she was shy and hid under her faux leaves – but now she is so vivacious & fun! She loves to practice her swimming and holding her breath under water. She’s changed the whole dynamic of our marriage… But I think she’s been sneaking into the family room late at night to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & eat peanut butter cups – I keep finding wrappers.

  2. I would never ever ever have an “outside” dog because it is cruel, dogs are pack animals not solitary ones…but there have definitely been some days in our puppy hood moments when Jet was begging for it lol The worst of days was when we came home to a giant hole in the dry wall and a dog who looked like he’d been hanging out in a sketchy nightclub with white powder all over his face. It wasn’t long after that that we sent my boy off to boot camp and he came back a completely changed dog!

  3. Bad dog moment? Just one? I’ve got more than one!

    There’s the time our boxer chewed through the electric cord to our box fan while it was plugged in and running. I woke up because I was hot and heard a funny noise to find him spitting out teeny bits of copper wire. How he didn’t kill himself, I don’t know! As it was, we had to flip the breaker to be able to unplug the remaining cord from the outlet. Yikes!

    Then our Australian Shepard pup chewed up the coax cable for the internet when he was a pup. No, not just once! He did it about 4 times before we got a cable guy who offered to run it where we could bury it and put a box on the house where it went inside! Really, 4 times! Evidentally, there’s something in coax cable that attracts animals. The various cable guys we met due to this would tell us stories about squirrels chewing it up as well as dogs and an occasional curious kitty.

    I have many more, but I’ll leave you with those two for now!

  4. Oh my!

    We just got back from visiting my in-laws and they have a poodle mix – cutest dog. But she barked THE ENTIRE TIME we were there.

    That would drive me nuts!

  5. a bad dog tweet I just saw….

    pwilson This week alone our dog has eaten 6 pencils, 2 plastic ice packs, 3 pair of socks, a star wars figure, and half a backpack. #dogpound

  6. I don’t have any “bad dog” moments since I don’t have a dog. My hubby and I were discussing the “when are we getting a dog” question that comes up every month or so. We both like dogs, and I’ve always wanted a dog, but we’ve always had good reason not to get one. Now we’re in a place that we could, but we’re concerned about exacerbating my son’s allergies. We’ll see. We may have plenty of bad dog stories soon enough!

  7. Oh I told you, you would certainly ban dogs forever, eating library books or any books of that nature, running off to roam the neighborhood all night. They make up for it with this unconditional love they give that’s unexplainable and are just so attuned to your feelings and emotions that it’s worth it…usually. 🙂

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