Hair is No Longer an Issue

I can’t believe the kid did it, but did it he did.


We went and got it cut after school today. He was pretty nervous about getting it cut, but he was also determined to do it.


He was pretty somber in the chair, but when the stylist turned around to do something, he smiled at me in the mirror, so I think he was okay with the change. The stylist laughed when she caught him smiling.

It’s been a few hours since he had it done and now he has “buyer’s remorse,” I think. It’s just so short and so different than what he had that he’s having trouble adjusting. He’s also worried about how his classmates will react tomorrow. He did post a notice on Facebook, so some of his chums will already be prepared.

I asked him one question:

“Are you more embarrassed having short hair or having to wear barrettes to keep it out of your face?”

“Good point,” was his reply.

So, he’ll be fine.

Of course, I’m thrilled. But I’m trying not to act all that excited about it because you know, we can’t have mom liking it too much. It’s been long for three years now and it IS different, but I really think he’s going to like not having to fool with it.

Especially when he marches this Friday and all of his buddies who have long hair are having to deal with putting it up.

At any rate, I’m proud of him. That took a lot of courage to do something that drastic.

Two thumbs up, buddy.


First Marching Performance

Friday night was Jazz’s first official band performance.

We dropped Jazz off early so he could buy his gloves and prepare with the rest of the band.

Me, Kevin and Dude all arrived at the stadium at 6:35 (kickoff was at 7:00) and we nearly didn’t find a seat. The whole place was packed. We ended up sitting right next to where the band was scheduled to sit and coincidentally, we were on the same row as Jazz (who later saw us).

The game started off great. The visiting team got the first touchdown, but missed their field goal and then our school got their first touchdown.

Half-time rolled around and our kids proudly performed their songs. I can’t even describe to you what it felt like watching Jazz out there, being completely serious and focused on the configurations and the music. My heart swelled so much I believe I had a bit hanging out of my mouth.

What an attractive picture THAT makes.

Kevin took the below videos. I’d like to apologize in advance for the glaring lights, and the fact that you can’t really HEAR the band playing because the spirit teams were so loud and quite disrespectful, in my opinion.

In fact, I was quite annoyed with most of the crowd when the band played. I wanted to stand up and yell “SHUT UP!” but of course, I didn’t.

But if you listen carefully, you can hear them. The songs they played were just beautiful, but too soft, I think.

(Kevin zooms in on Jazz a few times. He looks so handsome in his uniform!)

(The video starts out on Jazz. Doesn’t he do a good job marching backwards??)

The kids didn’t learn the movements in the 3rd set in time to perform it, so they just stood in one place and played their third song. We should have a video of that after this next Friday night game.

After half-time, the kids took their seats in the bleachers. Periodically, the drum line would tap out a catchy little tune and the band members would stand up and shake their booties. It was quite fun.

Jazz wouldn’t get up and do that though. In fact, he didn’t take off his hat, gloves, or jacket the rest of the evening. He sat quite straight and formal the rest of the night.


The rest of the band, however, didn’t have any problem shedding all the clothing they could before leaving the bleachers to grab a slice of pizza and something to drink. Again, Jazz sat, in full uniform, and chatted with a good friend of his.


I was quite annoyed with the boy. I was worried that he was going to get overheated in his uniform. The temperature was in the mid-80’s that night and the kids were soaked in sweat.

(That’s my annoyed, exasperated, worried look, in case you’re wondering).

After the game was over, I asked Jazz why he wouldn’t take his gear off.

He had several reasons:

1. He didn’t want to have to rely on someone else to zip him back up in his jacket. (The zippers are in the back and they start at the top and zip down. Crazy!)
2. The gloves were a pain to put on and he didn’t want to put them back on later.
3. His hair is so long, that he had to use barrettes in order to make it stay under his hat and he was too embarrassed to take it off and be seen with barrettes in his hair.

And the hair thing? Has been a problem ever since.

We’ve tried head bands, we’ve a tried shower cap (I nearly peed my pants because THAT was hilarious and never really a serious option, but it was fun to try), and tucking his hair into a hair band, but nothing works. We want to offer him a solution that he can whip his hat off and just run his fingers through his hair and not worry about it anymore.

I suggested he get a shorter haircut. And I made the suggestion not really expecting him to take me up on it.

But to my surprise, he said, “Whatever it takes.”


So, I’m taking him to get his haircut today after school. (Dude needs a trim, too. But he’s feeling like crap right now due to allergies/head cold so I’ll have to wait until he feels better to take him in).

I’m thinking his hair might end up looking like this. It would remain longer on top (he really has to have it longer on top, he has so many cowlicks that his hair sticks straight up when it’s too short), but shorter on the sides and back. That way, he can jam his hat on without having to tuck in the sides and back and only have to worry about the top.

When I first showed him that picture, he was all for it. But he’s since thought about it and he just wants to have a couple of inches cut off (his hair IS pretty long), so, we’ll see how it turns out.

I will take pictures, of course. 🙂

Jazz also got into trouble because we didn’t hem his pants up high enough. Apparently, they need to rest on the tops of his shoes. We did not know that.

But hey, we’re band newbies, what do you expect.

So the evening went well, but we learned a lot in the process. Our goal is to make him as comfortable as possible this next performance so he can loosen up and actually enjoy himself.

Oh, Jazz finally started a Facebook account (*groan*, he succumbed to peer pressure because everyone in his band has a Facebook account), and he’s become a band cheerleader:

Don’t forget, fellow Band Members, we’ve a game tonight. Play loud and be proud that you’re part of the [insert band name here].

Posted before the performance and

Alright, everyone. Good job on the night of 9/11. I think it went pretty good, considering that it was our first performance. Post your opinions below.

Posted after the performance.

I can totally see him being a sectional leader – he’s VERY pro-band. In fact, he LOVES it.

By the way, we lost the game. *sad face* But there were some exciting moments and I yelled so loudly that I was hoarse the entire weekend.

And so begins our football season.