POW! Right in the Kisser

pow These past few days have kicked my ass.

I’m sorry to say the a-word, but they have.

Remember a few days back when I was bragging sharing that we, as in I, rarely get sick?

“Oh! Look at ME! I never get sick! I’m so special! La-dee-da! Whee! I must know some secret that keeps viruses from getting me down! I’m so AWESOME!!”


Karma bit me good. She not only bit me, she’s STILL hanging on.

The b*tch.

I caught whatever Dude had. And MAN … talk about a wicked head cold. Now I REALLY feel guilty for sending him to school that day because this virus? Sucks rocks.

My head was not only clogged, it was a solid mass of crusty snot.

(I do hope you aren’t eating when you read this).

I couldn’t breathe. And I went through about two bottles of nose spray in an attempt to get oxygen to my brain (okay, that was an exaggeration, it was only 1 … and a half-ish).

It started Friday night when we went to the football game. (Jazz played great, by the way. They performed their third set, and it was awesome, and we taped it, but again, you can’t really hear it because of the crowd, so we’ll try again some other time).

I just had that … feeling. You know the feeling, right? That icky, itchy feeling in the back of your throat when you know you’re coming down with something?

To top it off, monthly myrtle came to pay me a visit. AND, I’ve been having digestive issues again. So yeah, I felt like warm dung that evening and it got progressively worse over the weekend.

By Sunday, I was thisclose to being comatose.

I napped. I took it easy and by the time Sunday night rolled around, and I barked up enough phlegm to coat the bottom of a frying pan (I DO hope you’re not eating while reading this), I started feeling marginally better.

By the time Monday morning rolled around, I had a spurt of energy and I mopped the floors and cleaned bathrooms.

With bleach.

Which didn’t exactly HELP my trying to get over my sickness so that by the time the afternoon rolled around, I had trouble thinking straight, let alone trying to post anything on this blog.

I feel much better today. Still not 100%, but definitely human again. I still sound nasally and whiny (thanks for that, Kevin), but I think I might have dodged the sinus infection bullet – we’ll see what happens in the next few days. (I’d go into detail about why I think I might have a sinus infection, but the symptoms? Are not pretty and I’ve already ruined your appetite once [twice]).

So, I’m getting over a bad head cold.

I’ll live to see another day.