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Random Tuesday: Look at Me, I’m the Sahara Desert


1 Ugh. I have so much to talk about I don’t know where to start.

So, I’ll start where I always start – ME. Because it’s all about ME, don’t cha know. πŸ˜‰

I’m dry. As in Sahara desert dry. My blog is suffering, big time. I used to have oodles of ideas to write about …. wait, I still have oodles of ideas to write about, but now? I click on New Post and just stare at the stark whiteness. The blinking cursor mesmerizes me. My fingers ache from holding position, just over the keyboard, and just when I’m about to FORCE myself to write something, the sound of a fresh new email dings in the background and I’m eagerly clicking out of the window to tend to my distraction.

I just CAN’T seem to make myself write anything. Even now, it’s taken me about 30 minutes to write these 150 words.

I feel so lackluster. Just …. MEH.

I know what’s wrong with me. I haven’t been reading. As in, AT ALL. I’ve been spending my time either working (which I should be *ahem*), working out, or goofing off online. And by that I mean, wasting an insane amount of time on Twitter, reading blogs, or watching mind-numbing Youtube videos.

Youtube? Is a SERIOUS time suck.

Looking back at my book page – I haven’t read anything since August 8th. WTH?! That’s unacceptable!! The year is nearly over and I’ve read a grand total of 15 books?! NOT COOL! I need to get back to it. I will get back to it. I have to. Because reading is the ying to my yang. It’s the life in my life force. I need to read. I must read.

And let’s not forget that the Fall library book sale is coming up the end of October. I skipped the Spring sale because I seriously have too many books I haven’t read yet but damn it! I’m NOT skipping this sale. The world would cease to exist if I managed to not go to at least ONE book sale per year.

So. Keep an eye on my sidebar over there. And if you don’t see the books change under the “I’m Currently Reading” section, seriously, contact me and chew me a new a-hole.

I feel like I’m fading from reality. I must get back into reading and get back into the world of make believe.

(Yes, I realize that didn’t make sense. Hush).

2 Speaking of books …

I’ve been toying with this idea, on and off, for the past month. What do you all think about doing a book swap? I have no idea how it might work and it’ll probably be rough around the edges until we’ve worked all the kinks out, but I have soooo many books that I MUST get rid of. Oh sure, I could, and DO, use Bookmooch. And I love Bookmooch. But I think I’d prefer to give my books away to someone I KNOW.

As in, you all.

Well, I don’t KNOW you, but you KNOW what I mean, right?

Anyway, let’s give it a try and see how it works. I’m working details out now, so if you have a few books you’d like to swap with someone and you’d like to play along, check back Thursday, October 1st, and we’ll see if we can’t muddle through this together. πŸ™‚

3 The boys get their school pictures taken tomorrow. I both love this time and hate this time.

I love it because I love getting the pictures back and then updating portraits around the house.

I hate it because the boys won’t allow me to dress them up anymore. I used to LOVE picking out their little outfits, combing their hair and making sure they color-coordinated with their backgrounds but now?

I’m lucky if they allow me to breathe the same air as they do. πŸ˜€ As a result, their school pictures these past several years have been … uh … less than stellar.

But that’s okay, because they are a good depiction of WHO they are and besides, I now have ammunition to use against them for when they get older. (“See? Momma DOES know best.” *grin*)

This will be Dude’s last year getting his school picture taken AT school. Next year (well, next summer actually), he’ll have fancy-smancy senior pictures taken.

I can’t even believe I just typed that sentence out.

I’ll have to scan all of their school pictures and post them some day. That probably won’t be interesting to anyone but friends and family but it might be fun to physically document how they’ve changed over the years.

4 We took Jazz to the orthodontist yesterday.

They took an x-ray of his teeth and would you believe the stinker STILL has THREE baby teeth?! I was shocked. I was sure he had lost all of them by now. But no, he still needs to lose the teeth between his eye teeth and his molars (the dental assistant gave them an official name, but I can’t think of it right now).

However, all three of them are just hanging there. The roots are gone and it won’t be long before they come out, so Dr. B. thought it would be okay to get the process started and just work around those particular teeth.

When Dr. B. began explaining to us what needed to be done, I was shocked. I honestly didn’t think Jazz needed that much work done. Not like Dude who had too many teeth for his mouth and had MAJOR crowding issues. (Dr. B. pulled up Dude’s before and after pictures — wow. I had forgotten how BAD Dude’s teeth really were. In fact, Kevin compared his mouth to a rodent’s mouth. HA!).

But Jazz’s problem is that his front teeth protrude out – not exactly an overbite, per se, but they stick out far enough to be a concern. Dr. B. also suggested that we might consider extracting a few teeth to make room for the adjustment.


He suggested we do that with Dude, too. And I said no. I don’t want my sons going through life with holes in their mouth. And I honestly don’t think it’s necessary. Dude …. maybe, given his small mouth. But Jazz? No way. He has the room, the doctor will just have to manipulate his teeth.

Think of it as a challenge, Dr. B.

At any rate, Jazz will go back Monday to begin records. They will take more pictures of his mouth and I’ll fill out mountains of paperwork.

It’s funny because I didn’t realize, until I got home and was inputting Jazz’s appointment into my Outlook, that Dude has an appointment that same time on the same day, too. HA! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Dude has to go in every few months, just for observation, for the next year (which he’s not happy about). So, it’ll be interesting: I’ll have one child wrapping the process up and one child beginning the process.

They’re predicting that Jazz will have braces for 30 months. This is assuming, of course, that all goes according to plan. That means that Jazz will have braces for most of his high school years. He’s not too happy about that. But after seeing what a DIFFERENCE it’s made to Dude’s self-esteem and confidence to have such straight and pretty teeth, it’s absolutely worth it.

We want to do all we can to help the boys get a good start in life and if we can start by giving them a confident smile, then so be it.

I’m predicting Dr. B. is going to want to put Jazz’s braces on this month and that might not be doable. Jazz has numerous band performances as well as a competition and a festival coming up this month and I don’t want him to be distracted by a painful mouth. So, I might suggest we wait until November to put the braces on – we’ll see how it goes.

At any rate, Dr. B. hasn’t seen the last of me.

Poor guy. πŸ™‚

5 Speaking of band performances:

I just checked the band director’s blog — they have a rehearsal and a dinner this Friday night. And then they have a competition this Saturday.

Next weekend, they have some sort of clinic/dinner thing (not sure what that’s about), and then the weekend after that, we will go to St. Louis for the Bands Of America competition. (I’m looking forward to that).

The weekend after that, we go BACK to St. Louis for a festival and according to the schedule? Jazz’s band doesn’t perform until 8:00 that night, so it will be a loooong day. But again, I’m looking forward to it.

The weekend after that, they will be traveling to Columbia, MO for another performance.

And in between all of that, he has Tuesday night rehearsals and three football games.


But I’m not complaining. In fact, I think I’m having more fun than he is!

6 And now, if you made it to the bottom of his long-ass post, YAY YOU!!

And as a reward? Here is a slightly psychotic picture of me enjoying one of the many taboo foods I should not eat:

Yum, Ice Cream
(I’m holding a mint drum stick with half of the hard chocolate coating eaten off. It was all I could do to stop eating long enough to snap this photo).

I’m sure your day is complete now.

You’re welcome.