Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Scooting Along in Shortie Shorts

So, we’re still scrolling through my life here and we’re still in Cozumel, Mexico on our honeymoon.

This is me and Kevin, standing next to the scooter that we rented.


I was pretty nervous about riding around on a scooter, in a foreign country, but what else is new? I was nervous that whole trip.

Actually, I wasn’t nervous, I was a big baby the whole trip. (No one speaks English! Oh my Gosh, the ocean is so BIG! I’m hot! Ew, seaweed! What is that milky blob swimming in the …. EEK! Jellyfish!)

Poor Kevin. And just think, we were only getting STARTED on our new life together. I’m sure the man was thinking, “Good Lord, what have I gotten myself into.”

But back to the scooters …

I was apprehensive (naturally), but Kevin talked me into it and we did indeed spend an entire day exploring the 30-mile long island. It was incredible. And beautiful. And we had a great time — just us and nature.

And a few locals.

And a pig.

But they ruin the idyllic picture so … meh.

Take a gander at our shorts. This was 1990 folks, cut us some slack. *grin*

And take a gander at Kevin’s muscles – RAWR.