Video: My Thoughts on the Dreaded Swine Flu.

I’m participating in the Say it Face to Face web conversation. In essence, someone asks a question and we respond to those questions via video.

The below video is my response to the question: “How concerned are you about swine flu this school season?”

Other things that we do to stay healthy:

  • I spray keyboards, doorknobs, phones and anything else I can think of with Lysol on a regular basis.
  • I boil our toothbrushes once a week
  • Drink lots of juice, water and take vitamin C (I mentioned that in the video, but it’s terribly important. Stay away from soda and caffeine, it breaks down your immune system).
  • Dust regularly
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Get lots of rest (stick to a sleep schedule. The more rested you are, the more you’re able to fight off infection)
  • Drink hot liquids and burn the back of your throat on a regular basis (I know this sounds weird, but it kills the bacteria lingering in dark places). After pouring my morning coffee, I always take a big gulp first thing. Roll your eyes if you wish, but I haven’t had a full-fledged cold in over a year. *knockknock*
  • Use nose spray to clean out sinuses on a (semi) regular basis. We use 4-Way Menthol spray and not only does it help you breathe, it washes bacteria away. I SWEAR on this method. Since using nose spray (don’t use it too much, too much is not good for you, but when you get stuffy or you’re feeling sick), I haven’t had ONE sinus infection and I used to get about two a year. Also, this is probably obvious, but do not share nose bottles with your family! One bottle per member. Label them (I do). It’s more expensive that way, but honestly, I’m looking at it as an investment toward staying healthy.

I should add, we’ve never gotten a flu shot. And we don’t plan on getting the swine flu shot when it’s available. Again, it’s another strand of flu and we’ll do everything we can to protect ourselves, but I refuse to allow the threat to immobilize me.

These health scares re-surface from time-to-time (remember the West Nile virus and the Bird flu?) so I tend to just take all of the information with a grain of salt to begin with. Notice I said I don’t ignore it or don’t take it seriously, I just don’t freak out about it.

The media feeds on fear. So please, don’t allow the media to scare you into a hole. Talk to your families, practice good hygiene and stay healthy.

If you, or someone in your family gets sick, stay home. Don’t infect others. Drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest. Yadda,yadda,yadda.

Other than shutting yourself off in a sterile room, there’s really not much anyone can do so …. relax. Be smart. 🙂

So tell me, How concerned are you about swine flu this school season?