Caption Four, Friday Fun

C4: Through a Child’s Eyes

I just noticed that “In Three Words” is defunct … and I miss it. I miss trying to caption a picture in just three words. It’s a great exercise in being concise.

So … I thought I’d take the original idea and expand it a bit. I hope the owner doesn’t mind too much. Wanna play? 🙂

Give this picture a caption in four words.

photo by Liarsenic
photo by Liarsenic


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Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Feeling Faint

I’m nearly unconscious in this picture.

This is me, on my honeymoon and on the romantic and beautiful island of Cozumel Mexico. We had stopped to take a break and I had to sit down because I was feeling faint and quite nauseous.

Notice what I’m wearing. A heavy-cotton button-up blouse, snug jean shorts and shoes and socks.

In 90 degree weather.

On a tropical island.

Where the humidity was so thick it was hard to catch your breath.

Hence the reason I nearly passed out. I had a serious case of heat stroke.

I overdressed for our tropical trip. I had no idea, no freaking idea, that it would be that hot.

But I was naive and inexperienced. I had never been out of Missouri, let alone the country, so I honestly had no clue what to pack – obviously.

I was miserable the entire time we were there. Simply because I was too stupid to pack the right clothes.

Heck, I’d have been better off running around naked.

Kevin would have liked that.

I might have caused blindness in the natives, though.

When we went back to visit Cozumel this past June, I was prepared. I wore light-weight stretchy shorts (notice the jean shorts I’m wearing in this picture AREN’T the stretchy kind? Stupid girl), spaghetti-strap shirts and flip flops.

I didn’t look as “put together”, but I didn’t care. I could breathe. And I kept cool.

I’m older now, being comfortable trumps being cute. 🙂