Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen: What If #4

Thirteen Interesting “What If” Situations – How Would YOU Respond?


Please feel free to give your opinion on these situations even if you’re not playing Thursday Thirteen. There are no right or wrong answers here – it’s a question of scruples and what would you do?

polaroid1 You’re 50 years old, recently widowed and interested in dating. A long hard look in the mirror tells you that you look your age — the chin sags, the eyes droop and the brow wrinkles! A friend has recently had a face lift and looks great. Would you do it too?

My answer: First of all, define “recently widowed.” If Kevin passed away before I did, I am quite confident that it would take me a really, really, REALLY long time to EVER get to the place where I MIGHT want to date. I know, for a fact, I would never, nor will ever, remarry. Kevin is THE man for me. I can’t ever imagine wanting, or needing, another man in my life if he were to die.

However, with that said, and to be a good sport about this question, let’s assume that it’s been 30 years since Kevin passed away and I entertained the thought of going out with a guy. I would absolutely NOT have plastic surgery. Ever.

One reason is because I am who I am – flaws, wrinkles and all. I would never entertain the thought of surgically improving myself. I might gussy up and TRY and look nice and/or younger, but I would never go under the knife.

And secondly, I would never EVER have surgery for a man. If that man didn’t like me for me, then see ya.

polaroid2 Would you lie to your psychiatrist?

My answer: If I ever got to the point where I felt the need to go see a psychiatrist (and that’s a pretty big IF, as in colossal IF), then that means I’ve gotten to a pretty bad place in my life and mind. WHY would I go to the trouble of jumping through those mind-game hurdles only to lie when I reached the finish line? That seems counter-productive and not at all helpful. So no, I would not lie to my psychiatrist.

polaroid3 You are a photographer. A man hires you for his son’s wedding. He doesn’t ask your fee. You later discover that your client is very wealthy. Do you charge him more than your standard rate?

My answer: I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d be tempted. But no, I wouldn’t charge him more simply because he can afford it. That would be taking advantage of the man and my conscience simply wouldn’t allow me to do that. (Did I mention I’d be tempted?)

I’d sure be urging him to tell all of his rich friends about me, though. πŸ˜€

polaroid4 You discover that you were invited to your cousin’s wedding only because other guests canceled out. Do you still go?

My answer: Depends. I’m assuming this cousin and I aren’t close, otherwise, I’d be on the main invite list to begin with. I don’t know, maybe. I’m thinking I wouldn’t go, but I guess it would depend on what sort of family pressure I was getting for NOT going. Ugh. There’s that family drama again.

polaroid5 Your spouse attends a conference in Las Vegas. Later, you learn that your spouse’s attractive office colleague of the opposite sex also attended the convention. Do you grill your spouse about it?

My answer: Well duh. I’d not only grill him, I’d demand to see his conference notes just to prove that he was indeed IN the conference and not off gallivanting around the strip gambling our life savings away.

Actually, it would be more subtle than that. Wait …. scratch that. This scenario actually happened. It was back when Kevin was working in private accounting and wowsiers, he worked with some hot babes. And they went on conferences and it bothered me. Greatly. But I just had to learn to trust him and get over my insecurities in order to handle the times when it happened.

I still grilled him though. πŸ™‚

polaroid6 You are getting married and you receive a present in the mail from your favorite uncle. He lives abroad and always sends one-of-a-kind gifts. When you open the present, it’s broken. Do you tell your uncle?

My answer: Ack! Tough one. On the one hand, it’s a one-of-a-kind gift so I would most likely treasure it. I’d be so sad that it arrived broken. But on the other hand, it came from abroad, which means it probably cost a butt-load of money to ship. And what if my uncle had to travel a long distance in order to buy this gift? I’d hate for him to feel like he had to make that trip again just because the one he sent me got broken. I’d feel too guilty. I’m going to say no, I probably wouldn’t tell him it arrived broken. (Unless he asked. But then again, maybe not?)

polaroid7 While working for your company, you discover a testing technique that could make you rich if you were self-employed. Would you leave the company with your “big idea” and risk possible legal action about rightful ownership of the technique?

My answer: I’d be tempted (that seems to be my answer of choice this go-around). But no, I wouldn’t do it for the very reason stated above: I don’t want to get sued and lose everything in a messy legal battle. However, I MIGHT take that idea to my boss and see what he/she says. Who knows? It could mean a big promotion for me and ultimately more money in the long run. You never know.

polaroid8 You’re on a first date with someone special at a very elegant restaurant with very intimidating waiters. Your filet mignon arrives overdone. Do you send it back to the kitchen?

My answer: The short answer, no. The long answer, no. I hate to cause waves. And I’ve worked in the food industry — you don’t want to piss your server off. You just don’t. You hear about food people spitting and doing other disgusting things to customers’ meals? Well guess what, it happens. Seriously. Be nice to your servers.

I wouldn’t want to cause waves anyway, let alone on a first date. Even if it was under done, I wouldn’t send it back. I realize this is kind of a wimpy answer, but I don’t know, I just hate causing scenes, I guess.

polaroid9 As a special treat, you want to take your 12-year old to an award-winning movie. It has some nudity in it, but the reviewers say, it’s “fun for all ages.” Do you take your child to the movie?

My answer: First of all, I don’t listen to reviewers. I never agree with them. Ever. So, that’s out. I’m assuming, since a 12-year old can get into it, that the nudity might be a butt or even a boob or two (though even that is hard for me to imagine — they would seriously allow the ratings on something “risque” to include 12-year olds? I would think the backlash would be severe), or in other words, mild.

Yes. I’d probably take my kid. Why? Because the body is beautiful and I think it’s important to treat situations like this like it’s no big deal. And we’d talk about it later, thereby opening a dialogue on a situation that might not have presented itself otherwise. I firmly believe the bigger deal parents make out of stuff, the more the kid wants to know what the fuss is all about.

polaroid10 You are at a black-tie affair. The socialite hostess compliments you on your gown and asks you where you bought it. You bought it second-hand at the local thrift shop. Would you tell her the truth?

My answer: Depends. If the socialite is someone I like, respect and feel comfortable with, yes. If the socialite is someone who intimidates me or who would hold the fact that I shop second-hand against me and/or that knowledge would diminish my overall value to her and I think she can perhaps help me out at some future point, then no, I wouldn’t tell her I bought it second-hand. But I wouldn’t make up a place that I bought it, either. I would simply pretend I couldn’t remember where I bought it and then quickly changed the subject.

Not exactly the most noble answer, but I’m trying to keep it real.

polaroid11 Your accountant can cover a $20,000 windfall you made by falsifying some business expenses on your tax return. Do you agree to the “creative accounting?”

My answer: Isn’t that what got us into this stupid stimulus mess to begin with: creative accounting?? I’d be tempted, because who wants to own up to a $20,000 mistake, but no, I would tell my accountant to leave the creative part out of his accounting practice, please.

polaroid12 Your current lover asks you how many sex partners you’ve had in the past. Do you tell the truth?

My answer: Depends. If I’m going to be honest with him, then I need to be prepared to hear his honest answer as well. Why lie? Be honest, and if your lover can’t handle it, you’re better off in the long run.

(And yes, Kevin and I have had this conversation. It was awkward, but also a little amusing, if you want the God’s honest truth). πŸ™‚

polaroid13 Your next door neighbor is collecting for a charity in which you have no particular interest. Do you contribute?

My answer: Depends. (I say that a lot, don’t I). If I had the money, and I was okay with the charity, then probably. However, if I didn’t agree with the philosophy behind the charity, or I thought the charity was a scam, then no, probably not.


Your turn. Pick one (or more) of the above scenarios and tell me what you would do. I’m curious. πŸ˜€

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