Saturday Stuff

Yay! It’s Saturday!


WARNING! This comic is totally fake. Men CAN NOT read our minds ladies.

No matter how much we think they can.

Just a little public service announcement for my peeps. 😀


So. Yay. It’s Saturday. I try not to post anything more taxing than a comic on Saturday (do you realize how much brain power it takes to post these in-depth articles the rest of the week? I only HAVE so much to give, people).


I’ve been keeping track of posts that have touched my heart, or made me laugh, in some way so that I could eventually share them with you all. Click over and read them if you have time.

What are you doing still here? Click over.

Shoo. 🙂

–> Chatty Cathy from Stop Screaming I’m Driving!

–> A Good Mother from Is There Any Mommy Out There?

–> Why Parenting Is Like An Underage House Party by Bad Mommy Moments

–> Beyond Expectation by Where Am I Going and Why Am I In This Handbasket?

–> It Won’t Last Forever by Queen of Spain

–> This is Mother’s Day. This is Mother’s Day on depression. Any questions? by The Mom Slant

–> We’re Gonna Need Better Insurance by Sandcastle Momma

–> I Cried Yesterday by The Big Piece of Cake

–> A Nice Smoky Flavor by Being Michael’s Daddy

–> sometimes at the end of the rainbow all you have is rainbow colored poop by Is it 5 o’clock Yet?

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