Ronald Reagan Speaks Out on Socialized Medicine

“One of the these days, you and I, are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children’s children, what it was once like in America when men were free.” Ronald Reagan – 1961

Below is a ten-minute audio clip that Ronald Reagan made back in 1961 — back in the days when he was still an actor and not our president. It’s shocking. It’s accurate. It’s sobering. And it’s even scary. It’s scary because if we’re not careful, if we become careless and lazy and allow our government to worm it’s way into our lives, our way of life, our American freedoms will cease to exist.

Our government has been trying to push socialized medicine on us for DECADES. And they will continue to try and push a socialized agenda on us for DECADES to come because they want to ultimately control us. We must not allow that to happen.

This may seem overly dramatic to you. And you may think I’m promoting fear. But our situation is serious, and it’s dangerous. This is our country we’re talking about. We are not a third-world country. WE ARE AMERICA. We are fierce and we are proud and we do not need NOR want a bunch of self-serving, lying, immoral, crooked politicians taking over our lives. We have earned our freedoms and I’ll be DAMNED if I sit passively by and watch some control-hungry administration take it away from us.

We are one step away from socialism. For if we REDEFINE our health care system, turn it over to the government, then we will have opened the door to future programs that will take over other aspects of our lives. Our freedoms to choose to become who we want to become, to learn what we wish to learn, to BE unique individuals, will be taken away from us. And once we’ve crossed that threshold, there will be NO going back.

I implore you to listen to President Reagan’s speech below. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, an Independent or anything in between. If you’re an American citizen, you NEED to hear this. You OWE your children a good and wise decision for their future.

Do we really want to create this sort of nightmare for OUR CHILDREN to grow up in? Really? I adore my sons. I would die for my sons. I am scared for my sons.

Let’s make our voices heard. We do NOT WANT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. We want reform. We want better programs to help those that need it. We want to keep our private insurance and promote healthy competition. We want better policies. We want to help people, not make them dependent on a flawed and self-serving entity known as our government.

Write your representative (please be patient, I believe the site is getting a lot of traffic because it’s been coming up pretty slow for me – a good sign!)

Learn how to write a letter to congress and make your letter succinct, firm, yet courteous. Don’t let your passion get in the way of making your point.

I’m composing mine now. Are you?


Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Back-to-School Tips, Lunches, and Crafts

BACK-TO-SCHOOL!! It’s time to PAR-TAY!

At least, the parents feel like celebrating — the kids? Not so much. But never fear, Family Fun is here to help get your kids excited about hitting the books once more.


The start of a new school year can be stressful for the whole family. Lots of kids are anxious; their fears may center on making friends, coping with a new teacher, or just figuring out how to find the restroom. We grown-ups may dread the morning mayhem, the after-school scramble, the carpooling and the carping about homework. But here are some things you can do to help make your child’s transition back-to-school go smoothly:

Bus-Stop Bagel Bash

If getting up early to catch the bus is part of going back to school at your home, you’ll appreciate the Bus-Stop Bagel Bash. It’s a fun, low-stress way to ease into your new schedule, since it takes place on the day before school starts.

Lucky Charm Family

A child who is feeling tentative about starting school would love to tuck Mom, Dad and maybe even his cat, Fluffy, into his pocket for ready reassurance with a tailor-made, pocket-size photo.

Back-to-School Time Capsule

Need a simple project for those itchy, edgy, last few days of summer vacation? Have your child assemble this Back-to-School Time Capsule. By adding to it each year, she can create a book of memories and milestones. Imagine a fifth grader looking back on what she liked and disliked in the summer before second grade; it would give her a great feeling of personal growth–and no doubt a good laugh!

Clutter-Buster Bookshelf

A bookshelf offers a solution to a problem I dread each year: that pile of backpacks, papers, shoes, coats and sporting equipment that floods the foyer every afternoon when the kids get home. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to put the shelf together, but just think of the time–and stress–it will save you.

Pizza Box Portfolio

A refrigerator can display only so much artwork, so here’s another way to preserve those prized possessions. Store them in a pizza box portfolio.

Book Covering Party

Turn book covering into a party! When textbooks have been handed out but the homework hasn’t yet piled up, it’s prime time for a little book beautification. Set out a bunch of covering materials (see ideas below), some scissors, a pencil, a ruler, maybe some munchies and drinks, and let the kids hit the books.


This game provides a painless way to brush up on math skills at the end of the summer–or during the school year. Played by the same rules as bingo, it’s so much fun that you may find that the neighborhood kids want to come over and play along!

Rushed Mornings? Here are some tips to get your mornings off right

Kids bored after school? Try these fun activities.

Packing lunch? Here are some fun, creative and healthy ideas.

5 Ways to Pack a Healthier Lunch Chew on your pencil Sticks and Stones
Bologna Boat Face Sandwich Lunch Ahoy!
PB & J Blossom Sandwiches Sailboat Sandwiches Sandwich on a Stick

And lastly … here are some fun crafts to help get the kids excited about going back-to-school.



Hang this organizer on your front door and never lose your keys, sunglasses, or other essentials again. Sticky notes help remind family members of more ephemeral matters.

Checklist Place Mat


Table your constant stream of morning reminders with this clever place mat, which allows kids to take responsibility for their own must-dos.

Terrific Tote


A plain bag pops with pizzazz when you add decorative details cut from felted wool — made by shrinking old sweaters until the wool is thick and ravel-proof.

Tee Is for Tote


When your child outgrows her favorite shirt, turn it into a handy bag.

Shoes with Soul


Footwear takes a giant leap toward creativity with this clever quartet.

Nifty Necklaces


Small pieces of felted wool can have a big impact when they’re turned into beautiful jewelry. Repurpose an old wool sweater or two into stunning accessories by felting the fabric — shrinking the wool until it’s thick and ravel-proof.

(This was not a paid post. I just really dig Family Fun and thought I would pass on these fun tidbits. Enjoy!)

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