Coffee Chat – June 2009


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Coffee Chat is ALL about YOU! Here’s what you do: Answer the daily question. That’s it! (Beware! The questions get more challenging as the days go by!)

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Ready for the questions?

Question #1: How many siblings do you have? What is your birth order?

Question #2: What drives you crazy?

Question #3: What’s your all-time favorite meal, and how often do you enjoy it?

Question #4: What’s your favorite birthday memory?

Question #5: If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

Question #6: Do you think there will ever be world peace? Why or why not?

Question #7: What do you live in denial about?

(LAST) Question #8: When was the last time you cried? Why?

My answer: I never cry, UNLESS, it’s a touching commercial, or a sappy movie. Those are the only times I allow myself to cry. But I think the last time I actually cried over something that happened in my life was when me and my oldest son had a blow out fight and I knew, in that moment, that our relationship would never be the same.

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  1. Question #8: When was the last time you cried? Why?

    It was just a day or so ago, and it was while watching the news. A story came on about a guy killing his wife in a parking lot as she arrived for work…and that just hit me hard. I didn’t know her, but I knew her situation all too well. When I’m mad, I cry – – and seeing yet another woman killed at the hands of a so-called man really sends me over the edge.

  2. The last time I cried was a few months ago out of being so frustrated. I can’t remember how many years ago it was that I got a break from doing everything.

  3. I cried last week when I was cleaning my Mom’s house house as it had just been sold. It was my childhood home but we had to sell it because my Mom has Alzheimers Disease and had to go into an Assisted Liviing Center. I’m crying now as I think about it.

  4. I am a crier , and the last time i cried was…well i will start by saying i was emotional at the time, but I was looking at my little girl laughing and realized how much I loved her….I usually dont do that so it may have been PMS. Otherwise the preview to that Sister movie , the sister with cancer…Cameron Diaz is in it…dont know the title…you know…maybe Im pregnant cause this is rediculous =)

  5. The last time I cried was Tuesday, after I read a news article about a guy who was tasered and killed.

  6. The last time I cried was in the first five minutes of the new Star Trek movie. I NEVER cry in movies, I just wan’t expecting to be tossed into a really dramatic scene as soon as the movie started.

  7. I cry at everything, but on 05/23 my oldest daughter graduated with her master’s and cried wishing my mom could have been their..she died 3 years ago

  8. The last time I cried was when I was angry with my family – no one was listening to me, and I was so upset, I just had a melt down and cried 😦

  9. I don’t want to get all religious on you but the last time I cried was in church. The priest told a story of courage and tragedy. The innocent suffered and the guilty got off. There was a message but it was lost on me at the moment.

  10. I cried today because I am over whelmed by my bathroom do-over.
    I just wanted to rip out the carpet & put down some press & stick tile.
    Then I found that the wax O ring on the toliet needs replacing or the whole toliet.

    The screws are rust shut.

    Every time I start a little homerepair project it turns into something bigger.
    So I had a good cry, shut the bathroom door & came & sat down here at the computer …for a break.

  11. It was happy tears. My son won the Citizenship award at his school. I was so proud of him.

  12. I cry every time I have to leave after a visit with my daughter in a distant state. I would love to live nearby but I realize she has a whole other life that doesn’t include me and if I did move closer it would upset the balance she has achieved.
    I also cry when I’m so angry I can’t express myself clearly. I just get so frustrated.

  13. Ummm, the last time I cried was Saturday, almost a week ago. I was talking on the phone with my Mother, who lives down in Florida, which is so far from us, and she was so sad that they (both my parents) haven’t seen us (my husband, I and our 3 kids) and I got sad because I miss them so much. I cried out of love, not anything heavier than just missing loved ones. I am very sensitive and am not afraid to show my emotions when the moment is appropriate. I didn’t make a crying sound, but for some reason my Mom intuitively knew I had tears going down my cheeks because she said “Now don’t you cry too”, which of course made me cry more!! I felt better afterwards though, a release of emotions can be a good thing sometimes πŸ™‚

  14. The last time I cried was a few days ago. Frustration over things in life, being tired, and then always missing my daughter who I lost.

  15. The last time I cried was when I was at the hospital having my newborn baby girl and the nurse dropped her on the hardwood floor. I thought for sure she wouldnt make it. I got up and ran her down to the clinic in the hospital, but luckily she only got a tiny little bruise.

  16. The last time I cried was when I found out my niece, who has Cerebral Palsy was able to get a summer internship. Her mom was so scared about how it would go she was making her daughter so nervous they made her leave town.

  17. I cry at a drop of a hat. So probably daily and for small reasons like the air france plane that went down, those poor people…

  18. I cried last year when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. I hope to have another cry tonight when they capture the Cup again – GO WINGS!

  19. The last time I cried was on a particually difficult day. I felt good to have a good cry.

  20. I honestly can’t remember when I last cried. Sometimes I get teared up at some movies.

  21. I last cried a few days ago when I found out that my aunt’s cat had been put to sleep. I was just visiting them two weeks ago and I knew she was sick but I had always imagined that she would get better. It just shows how life is sometimes…out of our control.

  22. The last time that I cried for a real reason other than a movie was when my coworker was murdered. He was a good guy and a Reverened who was trying to do a good deed for someone.

  23. Question #7: What do you live in denial about?

    Answer: That I’ll never actually get to see the world.

  24. I live in denial that my daughter will always want to hang out with me and think I’m the best…she will, right?

  25. I’m a wishful writer as well – a screenwriter – and I’m in denial that I will never sell a script. Ho, hum. πŸ™‚ (so why am I smiling?)

  26. I live in denial because I believe I can succeed doing my own thing without a degree… we do have to consider that there are many people who lived in “denial” who we now look up to >:)

  27. I live in denial because i never went to college and got a degree to make something of my life

  28. I live in denial that someday I will work as a professional chef. I love to cook, and I am passionate about creating the most savory meals for my family and friends, but the reality is being a chef is stressful and harder work than I think I could ever handle, but I still fantasize about it, LOL!

  29. My dog looks at me with big, brown eyes and tries to sing, but it sounds like a yowl.

  30. #7: that i found this contest too late and will only have one entry and thus probably not win 😦

  31. I live in denial that my father cared about me. He died a couple of months ago. Our last meeting was nightmarish. I wish he had loved me just a little bit

  32. I am in denial about being a little lazy sometimes.
    I could get alot more things done than I do.

  33. What do you live in denial about? About taking care of my health – not actually doing ALL (or even most) of what the doctor tells me to.

  34. hmm denial? well sometimes i wonder where we would be at if we stayed in Cali. We may have good jobs but no house like we do now.

  35. I’m in denial about eating healthily. I love salads, fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins, but I can’t live without chocolate and french fries!

  36. I live in denial that my body is actually aging. I still get carded, but I can feel those ol joints start to creak and crack- proof that I’m no spring chicken.

  37. question 4. Probably my 11th. I was staying with Grandma in England and made my first cake for the party.

  38. I live in denial about how I am not really perfect and I can’t really do everything. I like to think I am Superwoman.

  39. I have an older brother and an older sister, all of us are 4 years apart nearly exactly!

  40. Live in denial? I don’t live in denial of anything (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)
    Seriously, folks – I don’t live in denial – I LIVE in Michigan….
    Ha, ha, ha… oh, I’ve got a million of them. πŸ™‚

    Apparently, I live in denial that I have a great sense of humor.

  41. Question #7: What do you live in denial about?
    that I will be the best friend to my girls even in their teenage years.

  42. This is for question 6. I am not sure if there will ever be world peace. I know as long as there are evil people out there and that are in control and obsessed with power and Hate there will not be world peace. I hope that some day there will be world peace though. Has there ever really been complete world peace or is it just something people hope for and to give them hope?

  43. Q6. No – there probably won’t be “world peace” until there is some huge universal crisis whereby we all have to work together to save ourselves. Maybe, we can then put aside petty differences and save ourselves. Sorry to be a bummer but people are people.

  44. Do you think there will ever be world peace? Why or why not?
    Maybe in a distant future, but not any time soon. I always think of the John Lennon song Imagine with questions like this

  45. No hope for world peace. People are just evil deep down and will always find a reason or excuse to hate & kill.

  46. Question #6- I do not feel that there will ever be world peace. THere are too many big egos in the world to compromise. Thank you

  47. No. People are innately selfish and greedy–at least, many are. They always want to have more than someone else.

  48. No I don’t think there will ever be world peace because the hand full of people running this world won’t let it happen

    πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

  49. no, i do not think there will ever be world peace. the government makes too much money off war time products

  50. Im afraid to say No, there will never be world peace. Religion, politics and fear will always get in the way =(

  51. question 3. My favorite meal is filet mignon, med rare. I probably eat it about 6 times a year.

  52. I agree with most of the comments that there will not be “world peace”. I hope we can all find a way to get along, though.

  53. NO, there will always be someone or some country that feels their way or beliefs are better than others. i just feel sorry for the common day people

  54. Unfortunately, no, I do not think there will ever be WORLD peace. Because of human nature and the pull of different ideologies, I think the best we can hope for is regional peace, or at least willingness to co-exist.

  55. Another weakness of mine that I would eliminate would be my obsessive control-freak tendencies =D

  56. One weakness of mine is constantly putting others above myself, to the point where I’m often taken advantage of. I need to be more assertive with saying “no” and find my own voice sometimes.

  57. A limitation or weakness that I wish I could eliminate would be my inability to handle stress. I get easily overwhelmed and I want to be able to be more organized because that would help reduce a lot of stress!

  58. I guess I should begin with question #1. I have one sibling. I’m the younger of the two.

  59. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

    I would love not to procrastinate so much. I dream of all I would be able to accomplish.

  60. i wish i wasnt so shy…it seems to make people think that Im mean or the b word right away…but really it takes a few days to get me out of my shell and then people really like me…but i always hear about what people thought of me the first time they met me and i wish i could fix that.

  61. I’d like to be able to stop playing it safe, and go for what I really want in life.

  62. I would eliminate my impatience as well. I know it can be so annoying to people I am around, especially when we are in a situation out of our control!

  63. I’d eliminate my tendency toward a sedentary lifestyle. I do exercise, but i really need to force myself.

  64. My favorite Birthday memory would have to be when I was like 8 years old my mother held a Birthday party for me and alot of the neighborhood kids came over. Was so much fun way back many many moons ago(the early 60’s).

  65. What’s your favorite birthday memory?

    Last year my hubby took the day off and we just spent it together. Morning loving, afternoon shopping and evening dining. Very good!

  66. My 20th — it was a whole weekend of celebrating. First we went to a party where we ran into my high school crush. The next night we went dancing with friends, including someone who looked just like my high school crush! The next day we went to a Broadway show that was awesome, and got autographs on our playbills. The sum total was a great weekend!

  67. your birthday was sooo cute …i may use it for my daughter!!
    Mine was a very large (20 girl) sleepover. After some swimming and pizza, my favourite movie “the labrynth” Some giggling and hair fixin, getting yelled at by my parents to keep it down or go to sleep. Then the next morning pancakes!! That was the best!

    BTw this is the funnest giveaway ever!

  68. My favorite birthday memory was when I was able to just relax and not do anything with anyone.

  69. What’s your favorite birthday memory?

    My favorite birthday memory is that of my son’s 1st birthday.

  70. For my 40th birthday my husband and best friend made arrangements for she and I go go to a spa in Mexico. My husband originally said he and I were going to Vegas. I didn’t find out till an hour before that he and I were not going anywhere, he was sending me away with my girlfriend. I was in shock. It was the best birthday gift ever!

  71. On my 18th birthday, my parents bought be my first leather jacket-which I had wanted since I was two years old, and fell in love with Fonzie.

  72. A number of years ago, I won a weekend trip to the Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado – it just happened to be my birthday weekend. As it was a trip for 2, my sister was my guest, although she flew there from another location. It’s been a long time since I celebrated a birthday with family, so it was great seeing and celebrating with her!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. My favorite birthday memory was just a few days ago, when my co-workers turned the door to my office into the door of the TARDIS.

  74. I remember the birthday when my aunt gave me an organdy dress with a rose on the front. I kept going to my closet to look at it because I couldn’t believe I owned something so beautiful.

  75. Actually, my favorite birthday was this year, when my husband forgot my birthday. I plan to make him pay for it for the rest of his life.

    (When he heard about it, my husband’s best friend remarked, “A husband forgets his wife’s birthday only once”.)

  76. My favorite birthday memory is when we had upside down ice cream cone clowns with different faces for each kid for my 5th birthday!

  77. My favorite meal is almond butter french toast and I enjoy it with my family for breakfast!

  78. Question #3: What’s your all-time favorite meal, and how often do you enjoy it?

    My homemade chili. It is great!
    We all love it at my house and have it about 4 times
    a month.

  79. Favorite meal is my mom’s veal piccata and I only enjoy it about once a year. It’s so delicious and I can’t make it like she does.

  80. I love a big salad with fresh bread, one of those that has greens, cheese, some nuts, avacado, etc. Then a slice of pie for dessert, that’s great.

  81. My favorite meal is breaded porkchops, red potatoes smothered in butter and garlic with a green bean salad.

    I have that once every couple of months. about 5 times a year.

  82. well i love food so its hard to pick. I guess I can say pasta, any pasta with a cream sauce and if you add shrimp or crab to that even better!!

  83. I love almost everything, but lobster ranks up there as a favorite. At the price though, I hardly ever get to have it.

  84. Question #3: I don’t know that I have a favorite meal, but there are some things that I rarely have that I will always order in a good restaurant. I think prime rib and/or halibut would be tops on that scale.

  85. What’s your all-time favorite meal, and how often do you enjoy it?

    My favorite meal is pasta and if I could I would have it at least every other day. That’s not very reasonable though. Thanks.

  86. Cigarette smoke is one of my pet peeves and people who drive carelessly also drive me crazy! I don’t think some of them realize how dangerous they are being.

  87. Smelling cigarette smoke and having the smoke blown my way in the mornings when I’m all fresh and clean drives me absolutely crazy!

  88. Question #2. My husband drives me crazy when he starts talking about his Navy Days. I have heard it all 100,000 times already.

  89. What drives me crazy? People who don’t know what personal space is. You know the people who stand right on top of you when talking to you. You try to back up, and they follow you! How do you get to adulthood without knowing about personal space!

  90. Question #2: What drives you crazy? People who are rude and obnoxious, or just plain mean

  91. rude, inconsiderate people:
    1. driving (cell – loud & oblivious)
    2. at the airport (cell – loud & oblivious)
    3. in the public restroom (loud & oblious)
    4. at the grocery store (loud & oblivious)
    ANYWHERE PUBLIC (did i mention loud & oblivious?)

  92. It drives me crazy when my husband and son leave the toilet set up. So when I get up in the middle of the night I almost fall in.. 😦

  93. When people leave the pizza box wide open…do you want the pizza to get cold quicker?

  94. What drives you crazy? People that a driver’s license but have no business driving. I can’t imagine how many accidents they cause.

  95. Q2 It drives me crazy when people go really slow in the fast lane on the expressway. It backs up the traffic and makes people angry/aggressive in their driving.

  96. When people use words they don’t know the meaning of to try to sound more intelligent.

  97. I have three brothers and two sisters, and I am the eldest child and was always the caretaker of the entire “nest.”

  98. Six siblings for me. I’m third in birth order–a middle child–so always striving to attract attention. Thank you for the contest.

  99. I have one older brother…9 years older! So growing up i really didnt know him very well, but now we both have kids and moved to the same state and see each other alot more.

  100. I have 2 older brothers & 1 older sister, which makes me the baby of the family. πŸ™‚

  101. I have three sisters and one brother, all older than me. And I hate it when people say that youngest children are spoiled!

  102. I have three sisters I’m the oldest

    πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

  103. Well I technically have like 7 siblings (6 are half brothers and sisters and one is a normal “brother”) but I was raised an only child after my parents divorced when I was 3 – mom got my brother, dad got me. Mom went on to have wayyyy more children – dad did not.

  104. I have no siblings, so I get to be the oldest, youngest or middle child depending on my mood!

  105. Question #1: How many siblings do you have? What is your birth order?

    I have one younger brother. He’s 3 years old brother who is pretty much the cutest little fella ever.

  106. I have four three full blood siblings, two step, and one half. I am the second oldest of the full blood, and the fourth in line when counting all of us. And the ages really range too, fro a step sister of 35 to a half brother of 6. talk about an extended family.

  107. I have two sisters and a brother, and I’m the youngest. That comes in very handy now that we’re all over 45– the shoe is on the other foot!

  108. I’m an only child, and sometimes I wish it weren’t so! It’s pretty lonely not having an older sibling getting on your last nerve or a younger sibling that always looks up to you, even in the worst of times.


  109. I am the second oldest of 5 children. 3 sisters and 1 brother. My brother is the youngest with 15 years difference between him and my older sister.

  110. Question #1: How many siblings do you have? What is your birth order? 7 ONE SISTER WHO IS a few years older than the baby

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