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My Daybook: And Summer Begins, Sort Of

Morning. Er. Afternoon.

It’s Monday. Already. Where did the weekend go again?

From The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

Outside my window… It’s sunny and beautiful. In fact, this past weekend, the weather was darn near perfect – not too hot, not too cold, sunny, cloudless skies, juuuust right.

Kevin and I sat on the porch Saturday and just absorbed it all. Actually, we met on the front porch to cool off. He had just finished mowing the grass and I had just finished working out so we were quite the attractive pair with our sweaty brows and soaked t-shirts. But we didn’t care what the neighbors’ thought, we were too busy lamenting on the fact that this time of year is probably one of the best times of year to be outside. (sans the grass pollen, but let’s not split hairs).

Right now, the weather is comfortable, beautiful and just downright pleasant. It’s hot enough to wear shorts, but the wind puts just enough chill in the air that you don’t feel like you stepped into a sauna. We call it “outdoor air conditioning” because that’s what it feels like right now.

The weather will only be like this for about two short weeks. After that, the rains will move off and the hot, sticky weather will move in so that by the time 4th of July gets here, you’ll need to carry a squirt bottle around with you because the air will be so heavy and sticky that your clothes will immediately adhere to your skin and it’ll be hard to catch your breathe because of the humidity.

But right now? Right this very minute? Our weather is perfect and we’ll enjoy it while we can.

I am thinking… “thank goodness we had the foresight to get our passports in order.”

Did you know that you’re now required to have a passport if you cross the border? Actually, it’s sort of hard to believe the government didn’t require passports long before now.

(“I SWEAR I’m a U.S. citizen, sir. Look, it says so right here on this little piece of paper that may, or may not, be the original. You can trust me, sir. I live in the U.S. Go ahead, ask me a question, seriously. I’m trustworthy, I am. You don’t need no stinkin’ document to tell you that I’m an American.”)

But we’re good. We applied for our passports in January and received them in February,

Project 365: Day 60

so we’re good to cross back into our country when we get back from our cruise later this month.

I’m also thinking I can’t wait to go on our cruise later this month!!!!

P.S. And in case you’re curious to see our passport pictures, you can click here. We look scary, no?

I am thankful … this weekend is over. Geez louise. When things get so bad that I finally snarl like a rabid dog and say, “Fine. That’s it. Whatever is wrong with you, snap out because I’m THROUGH kissing your ass,” you know things are tense.

Or more tense than usual because honestly, that’s pretty much me on a GOOD day.

(I kid, I kid).


From the kitchen…

I’m back to watching food shows. And I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m thinking I will DIE if I don’t buy a food processor right away.

I must be feverish.

I asked Kevin if it bothers him that I don’t put forth any “real” effort (read dirty up every pan in my kitchen and spend time at the grocery store hunting up unusual spices) in the dinners I serve them.

His answer?

“Kind of.”

*sigh* At least the man is honest.

So, from now on, I’m going to start making notes of the recipes and tips I see on these cooking shows and you know, actually take care of my family by making them something other than the mush I currently serve them.

*mumbles* Never mind that I like mush.

I am wearing … fitted clothes.

And I both hate it and love it.

I hate it because it forces me to watch what I eat. Because if I start eating too much junk food, my clothes, er, shrink.

I love it because it forces me to watch what I eat. Because I really DO eat too much junk food and I really DON’T have self-control when it comes to cookies, candies and pastries.

Ugh, let’s change the subject.

I am reading… “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards.

I haven’t actually started it yet – but I’m already a little disappointed; I saw the reviews on Amazon.

THAT’S the biggest reason I don’t read reviews on Amazon.

I am hoping… that I can find some decent party dresses in the next two weeks. I just need one, or two.

That’s asking too much, right?

I am creating… nothing at the moment.

And it’s starting to piss me off.

I am praying… for our country.

Because I honestly believe by the time my teenage boys hit their 20’s, it’s going to be even more screwed up than it is now.

Around the house… we’re thinking about building a patio just off our back door.

Of course, that would need to be after we replace the ratty carpets in the living/dining room,

build the detached garage out back (because Dude has his car and Jazz will be getting a car in a few years and our yard is looking like a car dealership)

and remodel the kitchen.

But definitely, a new patio is next on the list.

One of my favorite things…

Right now? Flour tortilla shells. I roll them up and munch on them all day long. They are low in fat and they take the edge off of my hunger.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

Today, I need to go to the bank and grab something to eat (because I’m sick to death of tuna and crackers, which I’ve been eating for lunch every day for the past week) and fold laundry: it’s taking over my bedroom.

Tomorrow, I need to return movies to Blockbuster and start the search for some white shorts and a party dress.

Wednesday, pick the boys up from school early, take them lunch, treat them to some ice cream and make their last day of school fun and relaxing.

Thursday, take the boys swimming so they can get a little sun (I’m afraid they will boil like fresh lobsters on our cruise).

Friday, take the boys over to their cousins’ house so they can spend the night with them and I can go on a date night with Kevin. We might actually go to a movie theater – something we haven’t done in oh gosh, years?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

I gave my camera to Dude on Saturday to play around with and this was one of the pictures he took:


I thought it was a really fun, different way to see things. Can you guess what he was taking a picture of? Click the “continued reading” link below for the answer.

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