Cruise 09

So, I Lied (Cruise Precursor)

Being back sucks.

There’s no one to clean up after us.

We have to get our own food.

There are no smiling, friendly people to wait on us.

We simply can’t go up on deck and lounge around all day, sip lemonade, read and soak in the sun.

Reality bites.

Actually, we lounged around on the deck the first and last day of our cruise, we hardly sat down at all the rest of our cruise.

My goal was to try and write about the day’s activities every day on my laptop, but

1. there were no outlets on the ship (that I could see, anyway) save for one in our cabin (and who wants to be stuck in their cabin all day!?)


2. there simply wasn’t time to write anything.

And when there WAS time, I was too pooped to do anything other than curl into the fetal position, whimper like a whipped puppy a few times before passing out.

When Carnival advertises that it’s the “Fun Ship,” freak, they aren’t kidding, folks. They had something planned nearly every single minute of every single day.

And let’s not forget about the shore excursions, too.

But where to start. I seriously have so much crap clutter rattling around my dizzy brain (because I’m still feeling dizzy and out-of-sorts [I researched this feeling, this swaying/rocking sensation, and apparently, it’s pretty common among cruisers]), I honestly don’t know where to begin.

Well, I know where to begin, but I think my problem is, I have so many little details that I want to remember that I’m afraid I’ll forget to mention them in my posts and then *POOF*, they will be gone and forgotten.

Some of those little things that I don’t want to forget are:

  • Our cruise director was from Texas – and he was a big, and very funny, boy: hence the reason he was called “Big Tex.”
  • And every time he made a ship-wide announcement, he began with, “Hi folks. This is a Tex message to let you know a few things happening around the ship.”
  • He would then end each message with a “Buh Bye, ya’ll.”
  • Our cabin steward’s name was Alfredo (as in the sauce) but he told the boys to call him Fred.
  • Every time Alfredo saw Jazz, he would smile really big and enunciate every syllable of his name. So much so, in fact, that he became a joke among us the entire cruise.
  • Alfredo woke the boys up several times during our cruise so he could get in and clean their room.
  • Alfredo also kept better tabs on our boys than we did. They did their own thing on the boat – we kept in touch via walkie-talkies. But still, it was a little embarrassing to knock on the boys’ cabin only to be told, by Alfredo, that they were having breakfast on the Lido deck.
  • Speaking of food, we (the family) always met on deck 10 to eat. It was the floor directly above the food buffet and hardly anyone ever used it – so we had the whole place to ourselves and were able to enjoy the spectacular view without interruption.
  • We bought the boys some playing cards in the gift shop and they spent most of their spare time playing cards on the Lido deck or in The Caboose (the place for teenagers to hang out).
  • I am so glad that we decided to book a cabin for the boys. The boys did their thing, we did ours and everyone was happy and relaxed. Worth every penny.
  • I walked on the (outdoor) track and listened to my music and never felt closer to God. It was an exhilarating experience to be on the ocean and breathing clean, salty air while walking off the extra calories.
  • It was really hard to control myself when there was food, scrumptious food, around to eat at all times. In fact, if Kevin hadn’t been around, I would have GORGED myself on the chocolate buffet. Their fudge was so rich my eyes actually bulged. Thank goodness the chocolate buffet was only one night or I’d be the size of my car right now.
  • We passed a small African-American boy dressed as a sailor on our way to our cabin and I nearly passed out from his sheer cuteness.
  • The Carnival Valor dancers were incredible. IN.CRED.IBLE.
  • The Carnival Valor singers were spectacular.
  • I nearly had a heart attack each and every time we had to exit, and then board, the ship because I was afraid we had lost our sail and sign cards. These cards were our key to everything ship related. It was crucial not to lose them.


  • The Carnival Valor musicians were unbelievable. In fact, we stumbled upon their performance in the lobby and I caught Jazz nearly salivating over the saxophone player – he was amazing. (Jazz is now thinking about getting a job on a cruise ship and playing with the band. Wouldn’t that be something?)
  • We had the best time laughing over people’s pictures. Photographers were everywhere, and they snapped pictures of you everywhere and then displayed the photos in the photo gallery where you then had the chance of buying them. It was obvious some people had no intention of buying them and many made funny faces or did funny things and it was truly hilarious.
  • If I forget to tell you, Kevin and I gambled exactly $1.25 on the slot machines – we won five free turns and that was it. We also played a round of bingo but sadly, didn’t win. THAT was the extent of our gambling the whole cruise.
  • The fifth deck was the party deck. This is where the shops, casino, piano bar, cigar room and clubs were located. The fifth deck was always loud and always crowded and I felt totally out of place there. But it was still fun to walk through and make fun of all the drunk people. 🙂
  • We got lost several times in the first two days, but over the week, we established secret little routes and got around surprisingly well.
  • If we were above deck and the boys were in their cabin, we often couldn’t get them on the walkies (too much interference. There were also A LOT of other people using walkies too and we often had to change channels). It was disconcerting at first to not really know where the boys were, or to call them, but I learned to just get over it – we were on a ship, where exactly would they go??
  • There were over 3,500 people on our cruise, 1,400 of those people were children.
  • We are absolutely, positively, sold on cruises. In fact, Kevin and I talked over lunch today about possibly taking another one next year – this one to the Bahamas.
  • I ate more fruit in the past week than I have in the past two years and I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in a very long time. We’re definitely keeping fruit in the house from this point on.

I am currently sorting through four camera cards full of pictures. I’m also actively seeking a flash slideshow program that I can post all of those pictures in so I don’t have to clog up blog posts with a gazillion pictures. I’d like to find a program that allows the visitor to manually click through them, that way, I could number each picture and the visitor could go through them at his/her own pace. The problem is, can I find such a program and will it post on a blog? We shall see.

I plan on talking about each day of our cruise in the upcoming days. Please bear with me. There will be times your eyes might glaze over, but if I don’t record these details now, I’ll forget them by next week, let alone years from now. I’ll try and pepper the posts with other things so you won’t be too bored.

Thanks for sticking it out so far.

More to come …