Counting Down the Days

I’m thinking the man is ready for vacation.

Actually, we’re ALL ready for vacation. And it’s coming up fast.

It’s all I can think about. It’s all I can DREAM about. In fact, I had so much trouble turning OFF my thoughts the other night that I had to actually get up and jump on Twitter to distract me.

I was out cold 45 minutes later. 🙂

He wore this Hawaiian shirt to work Friday (casual Fridays). I know this doesn’t exactly seem like a big deal to most of you, but this man of mine – well, he didn’t start wearing prints, of any kind, until just a few short years ago. He’s really stepping outside his comfort box wearing this shirt.

And I’m so proud he has four more shirts like this in his closet. He’s come so far. *smile*

He plans on wearing these Hawaiian shirts on our vacation, because really, there’s never a more perfect time to wear Hawaiian shirts.

Oh beautiful vacation, we can not wait to see you up close and personal. I’m literally counting the days.

For now, we’re busy entertaining two of my nephews today. I plan on working out, Kevin plans on having band practice and the boys plan on having some fun with their cousins.

In short, it’s a good day in our household today.

How is your Saturday going?