Vlogemotions: Determined

This video carnival, aptly named Vlogemotions (get it? Video + blog + emotions = Vlogemotions) focuses on one specific emotion per week and is brought to you by Fort Thompson.

Here is my emotional contribution for the week:

Update: My pants are feeling loose and comfy once again and my husband commented on the fact that you can actually see some sort of definition in my arms now as opposed to the flab before so I think I’m making progress! W00t!

Seriously, the problem of looking decent for vacation pictures – you know, the pictures that will be going into the family album for all eternity – gives me nightmares. 😦

I’ve been stung, and so disappointed, in year’s past. It’s time to be proactive, I think.

7 thoughts on “Vlogemotions: Determined”

  1. Hi Karen,
    Please don’t knock yourself down…you are beautiful! You have a set of great looking legs, too…not to sound weird or anything! LOL! I wish you the best on your quest to get into shape! Keep on keepin’ on…you can do it! Great vlog!

  2. I saw you legs ther on the treadmill girl and I think you’re doin great! I think we are so over critical of ourselves some times. I say go get yourself a few new outfits taht fit well and enjoy then on your vacay!

  3. Good luck with the getting in shape thing, I know you can do it!

    As for vlogging with no make up, that isnt really what makes your post raw and real. Just being honest and expressing your strongest emotions no matter what they may be is how I measure real. I have seen nothing but that from you either, so just keep doing what your doing because we all love it! Your the best!

    Have a great weekend!

    Love and Prayers,


  4. Sweetie, you look great! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I would give my eye teeth to look as good as you! :o)

    Great vlog concept…hope your vacation next month is everything you have DETERMINED it will be!

  5. we women never cut ourselves a break…
    we all feel unworthy to look at ourselves as we are

    You keep repeating to yourself what God would be saying to you…
    “You are my precious, wonderfully-made child
    I don’t make any mistakes
    You are beautiful just the way i made you.
    I love your sweet, humble spirit, your dancing eyes and your wide smile!

  6. You are thin and beautiful, are you kidding me? We could see those little legs.

    Why are we all so tough on ourselves? :o)

    I was really going to be impressed if you could exercise and vlog. lol

    Have a great day!

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