4 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln Talks About Prosperity”

  1. I am a new subscriber to your blog, and I’m just catching up on past posts.
    Wow. I kinda wish “Bill & Ted” could go back in time again and bring Mr. Lincoln to the present day. Imagine the grief that could be saved if current politicians would heed the advice of even one of those sentences!

  2. My that Mr. Lincoln was quite the smartie wasn’t he?

    Many people that I am acquainted with assume that because I am female, a minority and my husband and I live on a tight budget so we can provide the necessities for our children that I must agree with the current/proposed economic policy. I tell them, I may be one of the “poor” right now, but I don’t plan on being like this forever. My husband and I are honest, hard working individuals and when we finally make it through the struggles I will resent any government telling me that because they assume I somehow swindled my way to a comfortable lifestyle they need to take from me to even the playing field for those that lived outside of their means and decided they would spend themselves into an impossible debt situation to have things they didn’t even need.

    Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

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