Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Random Stuff #1

Header by Samuli
Header by Samuli

1. How ironic that my niece, who was homeschooled, just made a commercial for our public school system. I wonder if anyone will be upset by that fact? Hhmm …

2. A Cleveland Ohio area principal says he’s embarrassed his students got proof of their “educaiton” on their high school diplomas. HE’S embarrassed. Those poor kids are most likely mortified to be associated with a school that misspells education.

3. Don’t chew your kids out in your underwear; they have a tendency to not take you seriously.

4. Shampoo tip: Buy cheapy shampoos at your favorite retail store to use everyday (especially after either working out or sweating profusely – as in my case when I walk to the mailbox. What. I bathe in sweat). Then, when your hair is feeling like straw, buy Redken Clear Moisture. This stuff ROCKS! It puts moisture back into your hair and makes it shiny again. This is especially good for those of us who color our hair. Also, if you want your hair to do what it needs to do and look AWESOME for that special night out on the town or when you go shopping at Target and need to impress the other soccer moms (you know who you are), buy Redken All Soft. I swear by this stuff, it’s that good. Sure, Redken is more expensive, but if you use it sparingly (i.e. in between your normal cheapy shampoos) then it lasts a lot longer and you can fool our stylist into thinking you spend a fortune on your hair. hehe (Disclaimer: Redken did not pay me to tell you this. However, if Redken would LIKE to pay me for saying this, I’m certainly not going to object. *grin*)

5. I seriously need to stay away from Amazon!!! I’m on a mission to buy books JUST BECAUSE I qualify for free shipping. I’m sick! I need help! Anyone want to start an Amazon Annoymous? …….. What, I’m serious!!

6. I’m on a mission to clean out my closet. In fact, I plan on participating in Tackle it Tuesday this week because doing something for my blog is the only way I’m motivated to do ANYTHING nowadays. In fact, I should do MORE Tackle it Tuesdays – I know of at least one person who would love that, Kevin. (I’m not a big tackle it person, in case you didn’t know that).

7. Twitter, why do you hate me so? I’ve been a good girl, I’ve been feeding you on a regular basis, why do you feel the need to bite the hand that feeds you? Can you tell me why every third tweet I post you gobble up? Must you be so greedy with your tweets? If you don’t watch yourself, you’re going to turn into an ugly turkey – one that I won’t hesitate to cook and eat and then belch all over your pretty blue feathers.

8. I have a new heroine.

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more about "Crazy Sexy Cancer promo on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

“Life is too sweet to be bitter.” Amen, sister, amen.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is more than a thought provoking film, it’s an attitude! It’s about rising to the challenge of life and turning lemons into champagne.

9. Did you guys know about the Dewey’s Read-a-thon? This sounds like so much fun to me AND a great opportunity to cross off those smaller, quick reads off my list. I’m thinking I just may participate. How about you?

10. Spring Break starts for us in just two days. I can’t wait. I’m so ready. We don’t have any plans; I think we’re all just looking forward to sleeping in everyday.

11. My nephew got a voice recorder for his birthday and now I’m thinking about buying one. I’m sure they have come a long way since those teeny-tiny tapes, right? Surely you can just pop the memory card into your computer and upload the sound file? I have no idea what I’d use it for, but when has that stopped me in the past?

12. We’ve promised MK that we would upgrade his saxophone over spring break. We found quite a few promising prospects on Musician’s Friend – the problem with that? He sort of needs to play it to see if he likes it. So, we’re thinking of visiting area music stores and trying various brands and then buying it for cheaper online. Is that wrong?

13. With unemployment rates skyrocketing, I’m starting to feel guilty for booking our cruise. Is it right to go on a fancy vacation when so many people are hurting? And will I make people mad if I post about it on my blog? Ready or not, we set sail in just a few short months.

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