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My Twitter Entries – Revealed

If you follow me on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you??), this is most likely old news. But I thought I would round up the interesting sites I have run across in the past couple of days because they’re worth mentioning again:

WHERE has this site been all my blogging life?? – Mother of All Conservatives. This blog is, as implied, a blog for conservative mothers, written by conservative mothers, and I love what I’ve been reading so far.

Stumbling across this blog has just reinforced the growing suspicion that I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Duly noted.


Dale, my good buddy and pal from Write Anything, has taken on the GINORMOUS task of paying tribute to the 2,996 people who died in the September 11th attacks. It’s called Project 2,996 and here’s what it’s about:

Project 2,996 is an online initiative to get people to learn about–and remember–the victim’s of 9/11.

Choose one of the names from the list, research it, learn about the person, and post a tribute to your blog, website, or where ever, so others can learn about that person.

But most important, it’s a way to remember their lives and not the terrible, public way they were taken from us.

I participated and paid tribute to one of the fallen 2,996 one year and it was an … emotional experience for me. I was even visited by the gentleman’s family where they thanked me for taking the time to remember their son.

I firmly believe that we should continue talking about, and remembering, what happened on September 11th – both to honor the memory of those that died that day, and to ensure that we never allow this sort of attack on American soil again.

So please, spread Project 2996 around and let’s see if we can’t remember each and every victim once again on September 11, 2009.



hotbyblogher1 Going to BlogHer? I found a fun new blog called Hot by BlogHer and it’s all about helping you get in shape for the big conference.

Want to join in? Then start now by thinking about what you want to do to be your best – be hot – by BlogHer. Maybe you want to lose some weight, or just tone up to look great in short sleeves and a cute cocktail dress. Maybe you want more self-esteem so you aren’t overcome by debilitating shyness around your fellow bloggers. Whether your goal is external, internal or both, I’m hoping you’ll find motivation and support here.

Starting next week (March 16), I’ll have a weekly challenge available for you. Each week will have a fitness challenge, a diet challenge, and a personal challenge. Pick one and do your best to complete the challenge that week. At the end of the week, report in here and tell everyone how you did.

You’re more than welcome to join in, even if you’re not going to BlogHer – it’s all about forming a support group to help get in shape for summer. And that is definitely one of my goals!


Speaking of summer …

I hopped over to Old Navy the other day (as in online, what, you think I’d actually set foot in the store?! Puhlease, ya’ll know me better than that! *grin*) and I ended up buying these two summer tops:


Cute, right?

Well, I received the tanks yesterday and when I tried them all, I loved them both right away. The only thing is, I’m going to have to have a tan before wearing them because they do a pretty good job of washing me out right now. But I was planning on starting the whole tanning bed routine next month …

But here’s the thing, I don’t know what sort of bra to wear with these. I mean, I don’t really have a problem with showing my bra straps, but I’d prefer not to. Other than a strapless bra (which are so uncomfortable, IMO), can you suggest another type of bra I could wear with these? I plan on wearing these on the cruise and it would be nice if I didn’t APPEAR to have come from hillbilly country, ya know? I have a strapless bra, but I’d really like something with a little more support.

AND, even though I love these tanks, they aren’t something I normally wear so I’m a little (okay, a lot) self-conscious about the mustard one because WOW, cleavage! I never wear shirts that show cleavage because well, my girls are sort of hard to miss when I draw attention to them and it makes me really uncomfortable to have men pretend they aren’t looking at them. And the purple one? Makes me look pregnant but I love it because it hides my poochy belly and I’m thinking this will be a PLUS on the cruise because I could pig out and no one would be the wiser.

Hhmm … I think I’ll buy more of those, actually. 😀

*sigh* The things I do to shake things up in my marriage …

Anyway, I’m now on the lookout for some cute tops like these but with sleeves – I know, Old Navy has some BUT, I’m looking for tops that DON’T have the cap sleeves because hello?! Grandma arms here. Cap sleeves just make me look like a football player. Seriously, what design genius thought it was a good idea to make tops with cap sleeves? A. either a man, or B. a woman with no arm fat.

If you’ve seen some cute spring/summer clothes anywhere, please share!


lazy-girl See this button? I actually laughed out loud when I saw it (you know how you think people actually laugh out loud when you see the word “lol” but they aren’t really laughing out loud? I really did laugh out loud).

So, I followed it. And now I’m hooked on the Worthington Wire site. These are the types of sites I haunt because they have all of the interesting links going on. In fact, a lot of the links I put on Twitter come from sites like this.

I just spilled one of my secrets – proof-positive that I love you guys.


I’m trying to hurry up and finish this post so I can publish it BEFORE my head explodes. It was almost 80 degrees here the other day and now it’s in the low-30’s. My sinuses are complaining – loudly.


Proof positive that I’m a complete and total dweeb:

"Trying" to be Cool - Fail

Trying to be cool here – FAIL.

You can see why my boys refuse to go any where with me.

(WHY does my thumb look so … purple?? Gross).


Bring on the Thin Mints

Want to know the real reason I like Thin Mints?

Because it has the word “thin” in it. And honestly, how can something with the word thin in it have THAT many calories, right??

You Are Thin Mints

You are bold and brave. You dare to be different, and you are confident about who you are.
(I must say, this is true.)

Your fearlessness has paid off. You are extremely well liked and popular.
(Only in my dreams, baby, only in my dreams).

You are charismatic and charming without even trying to be. People appreciate your unique take on life
(It depends on the day, I’m told).

You are willing to take risks, speak your mind, and live life to the fullest.

Coincidentally, I consumed a Thin Mints vanilla custard concrete dessert yesterday afternoon when the boys and I went for our weekly treat.

Oh. My. Gosh. It’s a new favorite.

Now, if I could only limit myself to one a week ….

So tell me what Girl Scout cookie you are? Inquiring minds wanna know.

(Pardon the fluff post. Everyone needs a fluff post now and again, right?)