At This Moment …

moment AT THIS MOMENT I’m thinking about MK and wondering if he’s having a good time at his jazz festival. He got on a bus at 8:30 this morning, traveled nearly two hours and is now in Pittsburgh Kansas playing his heart out. I’m trying not to freak out too much – my baby is so far away from me! But I know this will be good practice for him for when he travels with the high school band next year. I trust his teacher and I certainly trust God to watch over him, so I need to chill and stop biting my fingernails. He’ll be back at midnight tonight, what am I worried about? (!!)

AT THIS MOMENT I’m wondering just when GD turned into this … man. He took his hoodie off last night because it was so warm (72 degrees yesterday, it’s currently 81!!) and I mock-punched him (it’s a mom/boy thing – you can only understand that mentality if you have teenage boys and you can’t think of any other way to connect with them) and realized, this boy’s got muscles! When the heck did that happen?! Oh. When he started lifting weights in class, that’s when. Of course I commented, and of course he got embarrassed and would die if he knew I was passing this juicy little tidbit on to you, but at the same time, his pleased little half smile said it all.

AT THIS MOMENT I’m hoping Kevin doesn’t encounter any crazy Springfield drivers who aren’t paying attention because they are too busy yapping on their damn cell phones to see him as he drives home from work today on his motorcycle. Did I mention it’s 82 degrees!? In March!? And perfect riding weather?!

AT THIS MOMENT, I’m wondering if we got any “good” mail (defined as a check for me) today. I’d look, but that would require getting up from my chair and walking away from the computer and *SNORT*, like that’s going to happen any time soon.

AT THIS MOMENT, I’m really, really, REALLY thankful for that 100 calorie popcorn. It rocks. Of course, if I could just stick to eating one bag as opposed to five, that would be better.

AT THIS MOMENT I’m mentally preparing myself to work out tonight. The scary thing is? I’m sort of looking forward to it. What’s wrong with me?!

AT THIS MOMENT I’m mentally preparing myself to battle the crazies at the grocery store and they’re winning (I haven’t gone yet, but *deep breath* I will!)

AT THIS MOMENT I’m thinking tonight would be a GREAT night for me and Kevin to … uh … play Scrabble! Yeah! It’s been a looong time since we’ve played, uh, Scrabble and we both have game withdrawals. In fact, it’s safe to say we’re both pretty crabby at this juncture. I need my, uh, Scrabble fix, I will not lie.

AT THIS MOMENT I’m thinking about the email I sent to a potential client this morning and how I really kicked butt on the whole sounding professional and knowledgeable bit and I’m really hoping this turns into a contract. That would be so cool. It also reminds me that I need to get my professional site back up and running. It’s pretty bad when a potential client is the one reminding you of that fact. *smacks self*

AT THIS MOMENT I’m toying with the idea of eating more 100 calorie popcorn because I’m freaking starving!!

AT THIS MOMENT I think I will go Windex the hatchback window on my Vibe because it drives me nuts when it gets so dusty I have to squint to see through it AND admire my brand-spanking new car license plates because I get excited about these things largely due to the fact that I’m a sad, lonely, strange, Amazon woman.