Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Driving a Stick Shift

Oh look! Another wonderful excuse to scan old pictures and bore you to tears!! Yay!

PhotoStory Friday
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Good lord, look at my poofy hair. And just think, I spent hours wanting to look like that. Pfft. I do believe, though, this was the one and only time I was a size eight. *sigh* To be that skinny again …

Driving a Stick

This was the first, and only, stick-shift car I ever owned: a Nissan Sentra. I believe this picture was taken in 1991 and we were at a park in the spring, judging by the trees.

Kevin was teaching me to drive a stick shift and I must say, I caught on fairly quick.

I ended up driving that car for seven years and it never gave me any trouble. I still love Nissans to this day.

We had to finally trade it in for a van when MK came along. I could handle getting one baby in and out of the back seat, but not two babies.

Kevin asked me to pose like that. I think he was thinking I could look like one of those gorgeous models who drape themselves over a car to try and make it look sexier – as you can see, I FAILED.