Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Ho Ho

What a wonderful excuse to scan old pictures and bore you to tears!!

PhotoStory Friday
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I have a TON of old pictures that I need to scan, so hang onto your hats, Fridays are going to get nostalgic.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

First Christmas - circa 87 or 88

Me and Kevin in front of our pitiful Christmas tree in the apartment that we shared. I was around 22 25 and Kevin was 26 29. This was before we were married (*gasp* yes, we lived together before tying the knot) and I’m thinking it was either 1987 or 1988. I’m not exactly sure which, but I’d guess ’87 This would have been 1990 judging by the empty tree branches, and the fact that we’re wearing wedding rings (thanks Heidi!). Yeah, we were THAT poor. We couldn’t even afford decorations for our tree.

Look at how CUTE my husband is!! Wow. What a babe. RAWR.

And yes, *sigh* I was one THOSE women who wore dorky holiday sweaters/sweatshirts. And I think I’m wearing Christmas earrings too, though it’s hard to see. (Okay fine, I still wear dorky holiday sweaters, hush).

My hair? I used to hot roll my hair every day and I swear, I spent an hour each day JUST on my hair. I was never so glad to see straight hair come back into fashion in my life.

So was Kevin. 😛

I also want to know what color lipstick I’m wearing because I like it! (This is probably one of six photos with me wearing lipstick – I simply don’t do it very often).

Kevin wouldn’t be caught dead in sweaters now.

And it’s good to know I had THUNDER thighs even back then.

That’s strangely comforting.

7 thoughts on “Photo Story Friday: Ho Ho”

  1. I SO did the hot roller thing…we looked goooooood.

    What I am loving is your lovely pose. You look so cute and happy. Who cares about no decorations! 🙂

    Great PSF! Thanks for participating!

  2. Let’s not knock the acid washed jeans. I think I still have a pair stuffed somewhere in the depths of my closet. 🙂

  3. OMG! I didn’t even notice that! I think you’re right. This has to be 1990 then because that’s when we got married.

    Yep, I just clicked on the larger version and there’s my wedding ring!

    HA! I’d make a great detective! NOT!

    Good catch, Heidi!

  4. are you sure that was before you were married? Looks like your husband is wearing a wedding ring.

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