Desktop Personality

I thought this was an interesting analysis:

Your Work Desk

Your work desk may reveal your personality. Psychologist Richard Bartram examined over 2,000 desktops in corporate America. Here are his results:


Papers, Notes and books are strewn all over. This persons goes for the gusto– works hard –plays hard.

My Desktop
(My desk right now. Books: Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul – no, I’m not a military wife but I love chicken soup stores – The Writer’s Book of Matches – writing prompts – and On Writing Romance – because yes, I like to write romance stories. You can also see my Baby Blues’ calendar, MK’s out-of-town jazz festival schedule, scratch paper, and animal crackers because that is my drug of choice right now. Actually, it doesn’t look too bad right now. It’s usually so cluttered that you can’t see even one square inch of glass).

My desk is definitely the Creative Chaos desktop. That’s ALL I have strewn over my desk – notes and books. Though my desktop usually devolves into the slightly messy desktop after a week or two because yes! I only clean my desk off about twice a month because I’m super lazy like that. *grin*


It’s covered with photos and trinkets, this desk reveals an optimistic person with a sunny personality. These people put work, family and pleasure all in the proper perspective.


Although it may look nice, this employee usually feels under appreciated at work or at home


Each item is strategically placed for maximum effect. This desk belongs to a goal oriented, ambitious employee. Caution: These workers tend to have big Egos and may be hard to get along with.


This desk belongs to a dependable person who takes their professional and personal responsibilities very seriously. No matter what it takes, they always get the job done.

What does your desktop look like?

3 thoughts on “Desktop Personality”

  1. I guess I’d have to choose slightly messy. It always goes back and forth between chaos and immaculate, but usually lands in the middle. I’d rather have it immaculate, though. Not because I’m underappreciated (well, sometimes I am), but because I can’t think straight when there is a mess around me!

  2. I think I’ve definitely got a creative chaos thing going as well. I really aught to clean my desk soon… But even “clean” for me doesn’t look like normal people clean. 😛

  3. I’m the creative chaos type. I know where everything on my desk is and if anyone messes with it, I can’t find anything at all.

    My ever-suffering husband who puts up with my messes is the immaculate desktop sort. It’s good to know that he may feel under-appreciated here at home.

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