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Project 365: February 26th


And here we go, another week of random photos. If you want to keep track of my photos, you can subscribe to the Project 365 RSS feed.


1. GD’s new hat. In case you missed it, he made a high B on his last Geometry test and the deal was, if he made a B or better, I would buy him this hat. As you can see, I keep my word. 🙂

2. MK is taking Algebra this year. And since GD had Algebra last year, he felt it was his big brother’s duty to help his little bro out. It really warms my heart when the boys bond like this. They are such great friends. I pray that relationship only strengthens as the year’s go by.

3. Kevin is an artist. And not just in music, but he dabbles in drawing as well. Here he is, teaching himself to draw anime. He gets in these “moods” once in a while to just draw. This desire usually only lasts a short while – this bout only lasted a day. *grin*


4. – 7. These pictures really don’t require an explanation. There’s really no way to justify our stupidity. Somehow (and I really couldn’t tell you because I have no clue), we had these coke bottle glasses lying around our house and first Kevin put them on, then the kids, and of course, I had to give it a go. We look like idiots – no, it’s okay, we do. What can I say? We’re a weird family. 😀

3 thoughts on “Project 365: February 26th”

  1. Im still fairly new to the bloggy world so I dont know too much…but Im with you on one thing, Id love to be just like the Pioneer Woman!! She is awesome!

    Love the pictures! We have those exact glasses! haha

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