Someone I’ve Never Met

I’ve been watching this girl.

Not in a creepy, stalker-ish way, but out of curiosity. There’s something about her …

She reminds me of me at that age.

I see this girl every day when I’m stuck in the car line waiting for MK. And every day, I notice her blank, somewhat ticked off expression.

She’s a loner. She never sticks around after school to socialize with the other kids. She never expresses an interest in any of the other “girly” activities – I never see her gossiping, acting dramatic or showing off in front of the boys.

She’s quiet, but in a strong, confident way.

She rarely smiles, but I don’t get the impression she’s mean-natured – only that she’s a serious soul.

She has gorgeous, straight, healthy hair and the silky strands seem to always fall perfectly over her face. Her clothes are rather tomboy-ish in nature, but never sloppy. She’s rather a more organized-sloppy, if that makes sense.

She walks with a purposeful stride. Her head is always lifted and though she never looks at the cars passing by, I get the impression that she’s very aware of her surroundings.

Her mouth is a grim, determined line and I would love to know what she’s thinking. She carries her books close to her chest, not really in a defensive way but as if she’s savoring the last remnants of her day.

She appears to be a hard person on the outside, yet I see her politely yield to other walkers or bicyclists so I sense she has compassion. Whenever someone says anything to her, she rewards them with a soft, small smile, though it never quite reaches her eyes. She wants to be friendly, but she holds herself back.

She’s wary, yet vulnerable. She’s cautious, yet impulsive.

She’s not a beauty, but the fierce glow within her makes her appear beautiful, different and lively.

I watch this girl walk down the street every day; and every day, I wonder if I had had a daughter, would she have been like this girl?

I smile to myself.

She reminds me of someone I have never met.