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number The big story at our house this weekend was – our credit card number was stolen.


This makes like the third time. AAARGH! *mumbles very unladylike language*

My husband signed onto our credit card account Saturday. He does this several times a week, just to make sure I’m not spending money on inconsequential things, er, I mean, he checks to make sure all of our purchases are legit. *ahem*

And I’m very glad he does this because when he signed on, he saw our account had been flagged. So, he called the company and they asked if we had purchased $100 worth of lumber in New Mexico.


Uh, no. So, they shut our account down immediately and we have new cards coming – we’ll hopefully receive them today.

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but the ONLY thing we ever use to pay for anything anymore, is our credit card. I seldom have the checkbook on me and I never carry cash – ever. We use our card because it’s incredibly convenient and efficient, and we build Advantage points through AA for all of our purchases. Hence the reason our flight to Washington D.C. last year only cost us $40. Advantage points ROCK.

So, to suddenly not have a means to pay for anything was … weird. We have a backup card through our bank that we never use. So, we pulled that sucker out and noticed the expiration date was 3/09.

We promptly cut them both up and tossed them in the trash.

Only to realize, ABOUT AN HOUR LATER, that those cards, HADN’T expired yet and why the HECK did we cut them up?????

Because we’re both idiots, that’s why. I think we both thought – old cards – must be expired. *sigh* We’re a pair, aren’t we?

So now, we do not have ONE credit card to use. And it’s freaking us out.

We went grocery shopping on Saturday and had to use our debit card. For the first time. Ever. It was so strange to actually check our account to make sure we had enough money to cover our groceries. Because normally, we use our card and when the husband gets paid, he pays off the card and puts the excess in savings – we rarely keep much in our checking account because we don’t use our checking account very often.

This latest robbery was especially annoying because we are always very careful who we give our real number to. Most of the time, if I purchase something online, I get a virtual number. Which works great, because it’s good for the purchase only and after that, it no longer works.

But as someone pointed out to me on Twitter, credit card numbers don’t necessarily get stolen through an Internet purchase – some random dude at the bank, who is maybe having a hard time making ends meet, especially right now, was desperate and took a chance by stealing our number.

All I can say is? I hope that lumber was worth having charges filed against you, Mr. Thief.

number4 I learned something about myself this past weekend: I’m apathetic.

Apathetic means: 1 : having or showing little or no feeling or emotion 2 : having little or no interest or concern. And I’m sharing these definitions with you because I had to look it up myself.

I am not proud of this discovery, in fact, it’s safe to say, I’m a bit alarmed by this discovery. I am not trying to make myself out to be some hard-nosed badass by telling you this; I’m telling you this because I’m being honest. If the circumstances are right, if I’ve taken all I’m going to take, if my boundaries have been pushed to the limit, and I pride myself on taking crap for a while before those limits are reached, if my patience has been rubbed so hard it starts to unravel, I-simply-do-not-care-about-the-situation-anymore.

And that scares me a little.

People who do not say what they mean, or mean what they say irritate me to no end. People who argue moot points, just for the sake of arguing, turn me completely off. People who can’t stick with the program, who are wishy-washy, who thrive on strife, and who aren’t even logical or reasonable in their arguments, affect me in a strange, and unpleasant way. It’s like someone simply flipped a switch inside my heart and *poof*, I’m done dealing with it, thinking about it and I’m moving on with my life.

Here’s a mirror, please argue with yourself. I’m outta here. I am who I am. I’m sorry if that disappoints some people but I’m a WYSIWYG sort of person – what you see is what you get. No head games. No false pretenses.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to tell you all this, but, there you have it.

number3 We looked at a dog this weekend.

Quite by accident.

The husband noticed a new pet store. Well, it was new to us, before this whole dog issue I honestly never noticed any pet stores. So, we went to check it out.

It ended up being a dog store, slash, dog boarding place. They didn’t sell dogs. But while we were there talking to the guy he said, “Hey. The owner has a dog she’s looking to give away, would you like to see her?”

I nervously laughed and said “no.”

The husband perked right up and said, “yes.”


He brought the dog out. The guy couldn’t tell us what she was, she was a mixed … something. But if I were to guess, I’d say she definitely had some greyhound in her. Her body had that long, sleek, runner’s look to it and she had a long snout.

And she was hyper.

And very, very friendly. And very, very sweet. And when the husband leaned down to pet her and he looked up at me, his eyes brimming with happy tears, I nearly lost it.

In fact, I have tears in my eyes typing this. He wanted her. I did not.

I know. I’m such a heartless b*tch. But she was big folks. When she jumped on me, her paws came to my boobs. And I’m a tall person, as in a 5’9 inches tall person. I would go nuts if we had her in the house. And remember, I will be this dog’s primary caretaker. Since I work from home and am home all day, that’s just the way it works out.

Quite honestly, we are not ready for a dog. We don’t have anything. Not even a dog dish. And I know, you’re thinking, so buy a dog dish. But the biggest reason we didn’t bring her home? Our backyard is not fenced in yet. And this lovely, sweet dog REQUIRES a nice big back yard to jump, play and burn off energy. It would honestly be cruel to keep this dog pinned up in the house all day – she’s simply too active for that.

And I did mention I would never be intentionally cruel to an animal, right?

But the husband’s face. Good lord, his face nearly gave me a heart attack. He WANTS a dog so badly. I can honestly see that now. I can’t deny this any longer. I can’t be selfish – we will be getting a dog. I’m not just sure when yet.

Thank God the boys didn’t know anything about this, I honestly could not have handled all three of their boo-boo faces at once. I may be apathetic with other people at times, but when it comes to my family, I’m anything but.

number2 We looked through the shore excursions for our summer cruise this weekend. In case you don’t know this, we’re going to these islands. And out of curiosity, more than anything, we wanted to see what was available.

Here are the packages we are considering:

Grand Cayman Islands: Shipwreck and Reef Snorkeling
Isla Rotan: Semi-Submarine / Shop Excursion
Belize: Explore the Mayan Site
Cozumel, Mexico:Rent scooters and revisit places we went to on our honeymoon.

Of course, all of these things cost money and wow, I’m not sure this vacation is any cheaper than Disney World would have been now, but this is what we really want to do and we’ll probably never do this with the kids again, so we may just tighten our belts and go for it.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

number1 Can you get headaches if you don’t eat?

Today is the first day in about three days I haven’t had a headache. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been drinking more caffeine in the afternoons, or because I haven’t been eating nearly as much as I used to, but wow. They hurt.

And I can’t think.

But what else is new. 🙂

I’m proud of myself for sticking to my workout schedule these past two weeks – walk 5.75 miles four times a week and do Turbo Jam three times a week. I’m losing weight, but I’m hungry all the time (and I’m just toughing it out because my stomach will shrink eventually) and I’m enduring headaches.

But whatever. A small price to pay to look good for those vacation pictures, right? Who’s up for another bag of 100 calorie popcorn?

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