Assuming a Persona Through Language

I know this video is a bit redundant, it’s supposed to be, but hang in there to the end because it’s truly amazing how many accents she uses and uses well.

I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated with accents. In fact, I would routinely walk around and talk in (what I thought was) an English accent at various points throughout my adolescence. Of course, I’m quite sure I wasn’t very good (spoken with an English accent).

I WANTED to be a English woman. I don’t know why, a large part of it had to do with the fact that they have the coolest, most concise sort of language, but I think some of it had to do with the fact that I think it’s just so classy, so refined, so posh.

Growing up in hillbilly country, though I wouldn’t exactly classified myself, or my family as hillbillies, I wanted a little culture in my life – and I thought the English just might be able to give it to me.

I would LOVE to be able to mimic so many different dialects. What fun to pretend you’re from a different country and living a totally different life.

I smell a story …

And acting, talk about LIVING your imagination.

Spot on, Amy. Good luck with your career. I wonder where she’s really from?

Can you assume any accents?

1 thought on “Assuming a Persona Through Language”

  1. I wish I could assume accents! I can’t even imitate my kids’ tone of voice when I try to tell someone else something funny they said. The only accent I’ve ever assumed was in high school. We had people from South Carolina saty at my house for a weekend and I talked like them for two weeks after they left. Of course, now that I’ve lived in Texas for a while, I talk with a drawl all the time.

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