Friday Fun

Friday Craft: Other Mother Box

So I’m haunting the Instructables site when I stumble across this cute little box.


And when I read the description:

There are all kinds of strange and wonderful boxes showing up across the Internet to promote the new Coraline movie.

I thought, Coraline whadda? Never heard of it. So, I followed the link to the Coraline website, watched the trailer and now I must see it because it looks totally cool and creepy (and probably not suitable for small children). If you don’t feel like clicking over, then watch the below:

Spooky, right?

Upon further investigation, I discovered that this movie is based on Neil Gaiman’s book. I’m thinking this book, and the DVD of this movie, would be a perfect giveaway prize in October *insert scary, creepy laugh here*.

Anyway, I’m intrigued. And if you’re digging the box above, you can find how to make one of these boxes, for your very own, here.

Have fun!